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    • Narsistinen johtajuus sosiaali- ja terveysalalla 

      Ollila, Seija; Kujala, Anne (Hallinnon tutkimuksen seura, 2018)
      Narsistinen käyttäytyminen on kompleksista ja tuhoavaa, mutta ongelmallista on sen huomioi­ minen rekrytoitaessa johtajia. Artikkelissa tar­ kastellaan narsistista johtajuutta sosiaali­ ja ter­veysalalla. Tutkimus perustuu ...
    • Miten selvittää uusien työntekijöiden osaamista? Tarkastelussa kysymys-vastaus-toiminta luentomuotoisessa perehdytyksessä 

      Mikkola, Piia (Työelämän tutkimusyhdistys, 26.03.2019)
      Työhön liittyvän tiedon omaksuminen on keskeinen päämäärä uusien työntekijöiden perehdytyksessä. Tässä artikkelissa tehdään näkyväksi sitä vuorovaikutuksellista toimintaa, jonka avulla luentomuotoisessa perehdytyksessä ...
    • Maaseutu yritysimagossa : visuaalisuudesta uutta potkua maaseudulle 

      Lundström, Niklas; Honkaniemi, Tuomas; Viinamäki, Olli-Pekka (Maaseudun uusi aika ry., 03.05.2019)
      Artikkelin tavoite on tuottaa uusia näkemyksiä maaseudun imagokeskusteluun ja avata uusia mahdollisuuksia maaseutumaisten kuntien, yhdistysten ja maaseudun yritysten imagotyölle. Artikkelissa analysoidaan Kyrö Distilleryn ...
    • Lexical metaphor as judgement : attitudinal positioning of editorial writers in business newspapers 

      Katajamäki, Heli; Koskela, Merja (Wilhelm Braumüller, 02.11.2018)
      Drawing on appraisal theory, this paper aims to analyze how the attitudinal positioning of writers of the editorials of business newspapers can be construed by means of lexical metaphors. The focus is on judgment, the ...
    • Legitimointistrategioiden käyttö kuntien ympäristöraportoinnissa 

      Nybom, Tanja; Virtanen, Aila; Järvenpää, Marko (Hallinnon tutkimuksen seura, 2019)
      This paper focuses on the  legitimation strat­ egies used in the environmental reports of the five biggest towns in Finland. The data consist of environmental reports published by Helsinki, Tampere, Espoo, Vantaa and Oulu. ...
    • Development of a rapid co-prototyping environment for industrial services 

      Lammi, Miia Elina; Helo, Petri Tapani; Arrasvuori, Juha Henrik; Yli-Viitala, Pirjo Liisa; Pekkala, Janne; Peltonen, Sanna Liisa; Marjanović, Dorian; Štorga, Mario; Škec, Stanko; Bojčetić, Nenad; Pavković, Neven (University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, 2018)
      Service-oriented industrial companies need to manage the complexity of developing new services (NSD) besides products. Prototyping offers a way to increase the success of NSD. There are service prototyping environments, ...
    • What is the potential of additive manufacturing in supply chains? : a narrative literature review approach 

      Tilabi, Sara; Helo, Petri; Takala, Josu; Nunes, Breno; Emrouznejad, Ali; Bennett, David; Pretorius, Leon (25.04.2018)
      The study of additive manufacturing (AM) has grown rapidly during the last decade as it is perceived that the technology has the potential to revolutionize the way in which products are produced and delivered to the customer. ...
    • Examining digital government and public service provision : the case of Finland 

      Osifo, Omoregie Charles (IEEE, 02.07.2018)
      Finland is one country that has long embraced technology in many aspects of her existence. To understand the present outlook of digital government and public service provision in Finland, an evaluation is necessary. This ...
    • Operative factors affecting energy balancing and speed of equalization in battery storage system 

      Palizban, Omid; Kauhaniemi, Kimmo (IEEE, 03.01.2019)
      Energy storage systems play a significant role in power management systems and control of the modern grid. One of the most challenging issues is controlling storage units in distributed form. This paper presents a possible ...
    • Islanding detection during intended island operation of nested microgrid 

      Laaksonen, Hannu; Hovila, Petri (IEEE, 13.12.2018)
      In the future, functionalities like islanding detection must also operate during intended island operation of (MV+MV or MV+LV) nested microgrids. In this paper, healthy and faulty islanding detection of LV network connected ...
    • Prospects and costs for reactive power control in Sundom smart grid 

      Sirviö, Katja; Välkkilä, Lasse; Laaksonen, Hannu; Kauhaniemi, Kimmo; Rajala, Arto (IEEE, 13.12.2018)
      New options to provide the technical ancillary services locally and system-wide by distributed energy resources (DER) are needed in the future. Sundom Smart Grid (SSG), local smart grid pilot in Vaasa, offers a novel ...
    • The role of training in organizations : a comparative case study of employees and management perspectives 

      Polo, Federica; Cervai, Sara; Baumane-Vītoliņa, Ilona (International Society for the Study of Work & Organizational Values, 2018)
      The transition to a more collaborative way of working brought a change in the role played by training in organizations, representing not exclusively a way to develop employees’ core competencies but also a strategic tool ...
    • Self-scheduling approach to coordinating wind power producers with energy storage and demand response 

      Jamali, Ali; Aghaei, Jamshid; Esmaili, Masoud; Niknam, Taher; Nikoobakht, Ahmad; Shafie-khah, Miadreza; Catalão, João P. S. (IEEE, 05.06.2019)
      The uncertainty of wind energy makes wind power producers (WPPs) incur profit loss due to balancing costs in electricity markets, a phenomenon that restricts their participation in markets. This paper proposes a stochastic ...
    • Cybersecurity in accounting research 

      Haapamäki, Elina; Sihvonen, Jukka (Emerald Publishing, 01.07.2019)
      Purpose - This paper aims to update the cybersecurity-related accounting literature by synthesizing 39 recent theoretical and empirical studies on the topic. Furthermore, the paper provides a set of categories into which ...
    • Machine learning application for prediction of locoregional recurrences in early oral tongue cancer: a web-based prognostic tool 

      Alabi, Rasheed Omobolaji; Elmusrati, Mohammed; Sawazaki-Calone, Iris; Kowalski, Luiz Paulo; Haglund, Caj; Coletta, Ricardo D.; Mäkitie, Antti A.; Salo, Tuula; Leivo, Ilmo; Almangush, Alhadi (Springer, 17.08.2019)
      Estimation of risk of recurrence in early-stage oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma (OTSCC) remains a challenge in the field of head and neck oncology. We examined the use of artificial neural networks (ANNs) to predict ...
    • Innovative growth : the role of market power and negative selection 

      Piekkola, Hannu; Rahko, Jaana (Taylor & Francis, 08.09.2019)
      This paper relies on register-based statistical data from Finland to measure broad research and development (R&D), organizational capital (OC) and information and communication technology (ICT) investments as innovation ...
    • Security-constrained unit commitment problem with transmission switching reliability and dynamic thermal line rating 

      Sheikh, Morteza; Aghaei, Jamshid; Letafat, Armin; Rajabdorri, Mohammad; Niknam, Taher; Shafie-Khah, Miadreza; Catalão, João P. S. (IEEE, 07.10.2019)
      In security-constrained unit commitment (SCUC) problems, one approach to decrease operation costs is using a transmission switching (TS) tool. In SCUC problems with TS, one of the main challenges is that there is no ...
    • Probabilistic model for microgrids optimal energy management considering AC network constraints 

      Javidsharifi, Mahshid; Niknam, Taher; Aghaei, Jamshid; Shafie-khah, Miadreza; Catalão, João P. S. (IEEE, 209-07-24)
      A new probabilistic approach for microgrids (MGs) optimal energy management considering ac network constraints is proposed in this paper. The economic model of an energy storage system (ESS) is considered in the problem. ...
    • Fuel blends behavior in freezing-melting phase transition 

      Sirviö, Katriina; Niemi, Seppo; Heikkilä, Sonja; Help, Riikka; Vauhkonen, Ville; Hiltunen, Erkki (Technische Akademie Esslingen, 2019)
      Several renewable and sustainable liquid fuel alternatives are needed for different compression-ignition (CI) engine applications to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Biodiesels, FAMEs, have been studied for long time ...
    • An experimental analysis of performance and exhaust emissions of a CRDI diesel engine operating on mixtures containing mineral and renewable components 

      Duda, Kamil; Wierzbicki, Sławomir; Mikulski, Maciej (Polish Scientific Society of Combustion Engines, 2019)
      The manuscript presents a comparative analysis of the performance and emission characteristics of a compression ignition engine equipped with a Common Rail injection system. The engine is fueled with diesel-biodiesel ...