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  • IoT-Enabled Operation of Multi Energy Hubs Considering Electric Vehicles and Demand Response 

    Kazemi, Behzad; Kavousi-Fard, Abdollah; Dabbaghjamanesh, Morteza; Karimi, Mazaher (IEEE, 24.01.2022)
    This paper introduces a novel Internet of Thing (IoT) enabled approach for optimizing the operation costs and enhancing the network reliability incorporating the uncertainty effects and energy management in multi-carrier ...
  • Co-Creating Safety and Security? Analyzing the multifaceted field of co-creation in Finland 

    Raisio, Harri; Puustinen, Alisa; Valtonen, Vesa (The International Sociological Association's Research Committee on the Sociology of DisastersEngelbrekt Distribution, 2021)
    Complexity is said to be on the rise in the security environment and co-creation has been proposed as one of the ways to respond to this situation. Through co-creation, complexity is addressed by a plurality of actors and ...
  • Effects of storage on the properties of rapeseed oil and alcohol blends 

    Nuortila, Carolin; Heikkilä, Sonja; Help, Riikka; Suopanki, Helena; Sirviö, Katriina; Niemi, Seppo (Estonian University of Life Sciences, 2021)
    Kinematic viscosity and density are important fuel properties because they influence fuel atomisation during injection into the engine cylinder. The viscosity and density of neat vegetable oils usually are too high to allow ...
  • Suomen suurimpien työnantajien arvot 

    Lehtonen, Tommi; Taipale, Tiina; Halonen, Ilpo; Houni, Pia; Jakonen, Mikko; Mutanen, Arto (Jyväskylän yliopisto, 2021)
  • Energy-related financial literacy and electricity consumption : Survey-based evidence from Finland 

    Kalmi, Panu; Trotta, Gianluca; Kažukauskas, Andrius (Wiley, 21.07.2021)
    We provide new insights into (i) the level of energy-related financial literacy in Finnish households, (ii) the sociodemographic characteristics that affect energy-related financial literacy, and (iii) whether energy-related ...
  • Non-market strategies and building digital trust in sharing economy platforms 

    Ko, Guihan; Amankwah-Amoah, Joseph; Appiah, Gloria; Larimo, Jorma (Elsevier, 18.11.2021)
    Although research on non-market strategies and the sharing economy (SE) have grown exponentially, there remains limited insight on how actors in the sharing economy ecosystem engage in non-market activities to achieve their ...
  • Statistical Investigation of Climate Change Effects on the Utilization of the Sediment Heat Energy 

    Girgibo, Nebiyu; Mäkiranta, Anne; Lü, Xiaoshu; Hiltunen, Erkki (MDPI, 07.01.2022)
    Suvilahti, a suburb of the city of Vaasa in western Finland, was the first area to use seabed sediment heat as the main source of heating for a high number of houses. Moreover, in the same area, a unique land uplift effect ...
  • An Online Learning Collaborative Method for Traffic Forecasting and Routing Optimization 

    Guo, Zhengang; Zhang, Yingfeng; Lv, Jingxiang; Liu, Yang; Liu, Ying (IEEE, 01.10.2021)
    Recent advances in technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) have provided promising opportunities to solve problems in urban traffic. With the help of IoT technologies, online data ...
  • AC Microgrids Protection : A Digital Coordinated Adaptive Scheme 

    Hussain, Noor; Khayat, Yousef; Golestan, Saeed; Nasir, Mashood; Vasquez, Juan C.; Guerrero, Josep M.; Kauhaniemi, Kimmo (MDPI, 30.07.2021)
    A significant challenge for designing a coordinated and effective protection architecture of a microgrid (MG) is the aim of an efficient, reliable, and fast protection scheme for both the grid-connected and islanded modes ...
  • Perceptions of wooden interior product quality : insights on sustainability views among Finnish consumers 

    Harju, Charlotta; Lähtinen, Katja (Suomen Metsätieteellinen Seura ry, 21.12.2021)
    Evaluation of product attributes and the overall quality significantly affect consumer purchasing decisions. Previous studies on wooden products have mostly addressed wood product quality from technical viewpoints, while ...
  • Intresse och engagemang : Kungliga Tekniska högskolans insatser inom ett svenskt terminologiskt nätverk 1941–1983 

    Landqvist, Hans; Pilke, Nina (Föreningen för nordisk filologi, 30.12.2021)
    In this paper, we study how KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Kungliga Tekniska högskolan – KTH) has participated in and influenced terminology work coordinated by the national terminology centre, the Swedish Centre for ...
  • Frequency-Domain Decomposition and Deep Learning Based Solar PV Power Ultra-Short-Term Forecasting Model 

    Yan, Jichuan; Hu, Lin; Zhen, Zhao; Wang, Fei; Qiu, Gang; Li, Yu; Yao, Liangzhong; Shafie-khah, Miadreza; Catalão, João P. S. (IEEE, 25.04.2021)
    Ultra-short-term photovoltaic (PV) power forecasting can support the real-time dispatching of the power grid. However, PV power has great fluctuations due to various meteorological factors, which increase energy prices and ...
  • Optimal Singular Value Decomposition Based Big Data Compression Approach in Smart Grids 

    Hashemipour, Naser; Aghaei, Jamshid; Kavousi-fard, Abdollah; Niknam, Taher; Salimi, Ladan; del Granado, Pedro Crespo; Shafie-Khah, Miadreza; Wang, Fei; Catalão, João P. S. (IEEE, 15.04.2021)
    The smart grid is a fully automatic delivery grid for electricity power with a two-way reliable flow of electricity and information among different equipment on the grid. Smart meters and sensors monitoring the system ...
  • Sky Image Prediction Model Based on Convolutional Auto-Encoder for Minutely Solar PV Power Forecasting 

    Fu, Yuwei; Chai, Hua; Zhen, Zhao; Wang, Fei; Xu, Xunjian; Li, Kangping; Shafie-Khah, Miadreza; Dehghanian, Payman; Catalão, João P. S. (IEEE, 08.04.2021)
    The precise minute time scale forecasting of an individual PV power station output relies on accurate prediction of cloud distribution, which can lead to dramatic fluctuation of PV power generation. Precise cloud distribution ...
  • Data-Driven Chance-Constrained Optimal Gas-Power Flow Calculation : A Bayesian Nonparametric Approach 

    Wang, Jingyao; Wang, Cheng; Liang, Yile; Bi, Tianshu; Shafie-khah, Miadreza; Catalão, João P. S. (IEEE, 11.03.2021)
    This paper proposes a data-driven chance-constrained optimal gas-power flow (OGPF) calculation method without any prior assumption on the distribution of uncertainties of wind power generation. The Gaussian mixture model ...
  • Homotopy Continuation for Sensor Networks Self-Calibration 

    Ferranti, Luca; Åström, Kalle; Oskarsson, Magnus; Boutellier, Jani; Kannala, Juho (IEEEEuropean Association for Signal Processing (EURASIP), 08.12.2021)
    Given a sensor network, TDOA self-calibration aims at simultaneously estimating the positions of receivers and transmitters, and transmitters time offsets. This can be formulated as a system of polynomial equations. Due ...
  • Sensor Networks TDOA Self-Calibration : 2D Complexity Analysis and Solutions 

    Ferranti, Luca; Åström, Kalle; Oskarsson, Magnus; Boutellier, Jani; Kannala, Juho (IEEE, 13.05.2021)
    Given a network of receivers and transmitters, the process of determining their positions from measured pseudoranges is known as network self-calibration. In this paper we consider 2D networks with synchronized receivers ...
  • Synergies Between Transportation Systems, Energy Hub and the Grid in Smart Cities 

    Sheikh, Morteza; Aghaei, Jamshid; Chabok, Hossein; Roustaei, Mahmoud; Niknam, Taher; Kavousi-Fard, Abdollah; Shafie-Khah, Miadreza; Catalão, João P. S. (IEEE, 02.04.2021)
    The concept of smart cities has emerged as an ongoing research in recent years. In this case, there is a proven association between the smart cities and the smart devices, which have caused the power systems to become more ...
  • Can You Trust Your Pose? Confidence Estimation in Visual Localization 

    Ferranti, Luca; Li, Xiaotian; Boutellier, Jani; Kannala, Juho (IEEE, 05.05.2021)
    Camera pose estimation in large-scale environments is still an open question and, despite recent promising results, it may still fail in some situations. The research so far has focused on improving subcomponents of ...
  • Kriisit hallintaan työpaikoilla 

    Liesivuori, Jyrki; Naumanen, Paula (Suomen Työterveyslääkäriyhdistys ry, 2021)
    Vaasan yliopiston koordinoimassa Fokus työhyvinvoinnin johtamiseen! -hankkeessa on tuotettu kaikkien toimialojen työpaikkojen käyttöön Fokus kriisien hallintaan -ohje sekä KriisiApuri-sovellus. Netistä ladattavien ohjeiden ...

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