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    • Bank ownership type and temporal evolution of long‐term bank funding in the period 2005-2017 

      Meriläinen, Jari‐Mikko (Wiley, 01.06.2020)
      This study uses a large panel dataset of Western European banks to examine the determinants of bank funding stability. Banks are divided into three categories by bank ownership type; the ownership types in this study are ...
    • Choice overload and asymmetric regret 

      Buturak, Gökhan; Evren, Özgür (Wiley, 22.09.2017)
      We propose a model of “choice overload,” which refers to a stronger tendency to select the default option in larger choice problems. Our main finding is a behavioral characterization of an asymmetric regret representation ...
    • Complementarities between employee involvement and financial participation : Do institutional context, differing measures, and empirical methods matter? 

      Jones, Derek C.; Kalmi, Panu; Kato, Takao; Mäkinen, Mikko (SAGE Publishing, 08.07.2016)
      While most studies on complementarities are for the US and the UK, liberal market economies, we investigate whether productivity is greater if firms use employee involvement (EI) in decision-making and financial participation ...
    • Credit Unions and Co-operative Banks Across the World 

      Goglio, Silvio; Kalmi, Panu (Oxford University Press, 01.11.2017)
      The national cases of co-operative banking will be considered by pattern: credit unions (as in the UK and the US), decentralized networks (as in Germany, Italy, and Austria), and centralized networks (as in France, the ...
    • Economic Policy Uncertainty Effects for Forecasting Future Real Economic Activity 

      Junttila, Juha; Vataja, Juuso (Elsevier, 29.07.2018)
      Recently introduced measures for Economic Policy Uncertainty (EPU) included in the data from 1997 - 2016 have a role in forecasting out-of-sample values for the future real economic activity for both the euro area and the ...
    • Financial literacy and retirement planning in Finland 

      Kalmi, Panu; Ruuskanen, Olli-Pekka (Cambridge University Press, 18.07.2018)
      This paper presents the results from the first study of financial literacy in Finland and explores the relationship between financial literacy and retirement planning in Finland. Finland is an interesting case because ...
    • Innovative growth : the role of market power and negative selection 

      Piekkola, Hannu; Rahko, Jaana (Taylor & Francis, 08.09.2019)
      This paper relies on register-based statistical data from Finland to measure broad research and development (R&D), organizational capital (OC) and information and communication technology (ICT) investments as innovation ...
    • Intangibles and innovation-labor-biased technical change 

      Piekkola, Hannu (Emerald, 11.06.2020)
      Purpose - This paper analyzes the productivity effects of structural capital such as research and development (R&D) and organizational capital (OC). Innovation work also produces innovation-labor-biased technical change ...
    • Internationalization via export growth and specialization in Finnish regions 

      Piekkola, Hannu (Cogent OA, an imprint of Taylor & Francis, 24.08.2018)
      Finnish regions increased their exports in special industries from 1999 to 2013. This internationalization of industries in regions is measured by the adjusted Balassa’s revealed comparative advantage index. It has been ...
    • Kohti tiiviimpää vuorovaikutusta koulujen taloustiedon opetuksen ja taloustieteen välillä 

      Kalmi, Panu; Maliranta, Mika; Alanko, Saija (Taloustieteellinen Yhdistys, 10.12.2019)
      Tässä artikkelissa käsitellemme yliopiston taloustieteen opetuksen näkökulmasta sitä, miten taloustietoa tulisi mielestämme opettaa suomalaisessa koulujärjestelmässä. Vertailemme suomalaisia oppikirjoja ja valtakunnallista ...
    • Pelillisyys opetuksessa kiinnostaa : kokemuksia Vaasan yliopistosta 

      Kalmi, Panu; Eronen, Sanna; Jaskari, Minna-Maarit (Yliopistopedagogiikan asiantuntija- ja yhteistyöverkosto Peda-forum, 27.10.2020)
      Tässä artikkelissa käsittelemme pelillisyyden käyttöä Vaasan yliopiston opetuksessa tekemämme kyselyn pohjalta. Tulokset osoittavat, että pelillisyyteen suhtaudutaan positiivisesti ja sitä hyödynnetään monipuolisesti ...
    • Predictive ability of financial variables in changing economic circumstances 

      Kuosmanen, Petri; Rahko, Jaana; Vataja, Juuso (Elsevier, 01.12.2018)
      We analyze three key financial variables, the term spread, real stock returns and the real short-term interest rate, and study which economic factors underlie changes in their predictive power for GDP growth in a large set ...
    • R&D internationalization and firm productivity. Does the host country matter? 

      Rahko, Jaana (Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 24.01.2021)
      The prior literature has established that the internationalization of corporate R&D is motivated by access to new markets and technological knowledge. However, the empirical literature has overlooked whether the market and ...
    • Risk-taking of the European Banks in CEECs : The role of national culture and stake vs shareholder view 

      Sist, Federica; Kalmi, Panu; Carretta, Alessandro; Fiordelisi, Franco; Schwizer, Paola (Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, 12.10.2017)
      The European bank system needs to consider the openness of markets of Central and Eastern European countries (CEECs) above other forces among which competition, crises and regulation. This chapter has the aims to understand ...
    • The business model of social banks 

      Cornée, Simon; Kalmi, Panu; Szafarz, Ariane (Wiley, 20.12.2019)
      Based on an extensive literature review, this paper proposes to define social banks (SBs) as social enterprises that run banking activities with the social mission of supplying credit to other social enterprises, which are ...
    • The differing effects of individual and group incentive pay on worker separation : evidence using Finnish panel data 

      Jones, Derek C.; Kalmi, Panu; Kato, Takao; Mäkinen, Mikko (Taylor & Francis, 23.11.2019)
      We investigate the role of individual incentive (II) and group incentive (GI) pay as determinants of worker separation using a large panel data set from Finland during 1997–2006. For white-collar workers, GI pay is associated ...
    • The Effects of Financial Education : Evidence from Finnish Lower Secondary Schools 

      Kalmi, Panu (Wiley, 01.12.2017)
      We study the effects of a peer-to-peer learning environment designed for lower secondary schools that provides financial education using games, videos and other materials provided online. We exploit a quasi-experimental ...
    • The relationship between credit ratings and asset liquidity : Evidence from Western European banks 

      Meriläinen, Jari-Mikko; Junttila, Juha (Elsevier, 01.11.2020)
      This study examines the role of asset liquidity in Western European banks’ credit rating downgrades and upgrades over the 2005–2017 period. The results suggest that changes in bank credit ratings have been more favorable ...
    • The role of stakeholder banks in the European banking systems 

      Kalmi, Panu; Miklaszewska, Ewa (Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, 01.01.2017)
      Socially oriented financial institutions have an equally long history than profit-oriented financial institutions in Europe. Stakeholder banks occupy a unique and important position in the European banking sector and they ...