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  • A Novel AI-Based Thermal Conductivity Predictor in the Insulation Performance Analysis of Signal-Transmissive Wall 

    Wang, Xiaolei; Lü, Xiaoshu; Vähä-Savo, Lauri; Haneda, Katsuyuki (MDPI, 19.05.2023)
    It is well known that thermal conductivity measurement is a challenging task, due to the weaknesses of the traditional methods, such as the high cost, complex data analysis, and limitations of sample size. Nowadays, the ...
  • Study on the Vibration and Sound Radiation Performance of Micro-Perforated Laminated Cylindrical Shells 

    Li, Bin; Wang, Ning; Zheng, Zengquan; Kuang, Wenjian; Wei, Langlang; Chen, Yihao; Hou, Jiangbin; Chen, Shuang (MDPI, 31.10.2023)
    In response to the problem of vibration and noise reduction in equipment with cylindrical shell structures, this paper focuses on the micro-perforated laminated cylindrical shell structure and establishes its finite element ...
  • Ensemble learning based defect detection of laser sintering 

    Xin, Junyi; Faheem, Muhammad; Umer, Qasim; Tausif, Muhammad; Ashraf, M. Waqar (The Institution of Engineering and TechnologyJohn Wiley & Sons, 30.10.2023)
    In rapid development, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) creates prototypes by processing industrial materials, for example, polymers. Such materials are usually in powder form and fused by a laser beam. The manufacturing ...
  • Revisiting economic distance and its role in foreign subsidiary survival 

    Arte, Pratik; Larimo, Jorma (Inderscience Publishers, 26.06.2023)
    In this study, we argue the coexistence of arbitrage and costs associated with economic distance engender a non-linear relationship between foreign subsidiary survival and economic distance. Specifically, we suggest that ...
  • Machine learning explainability in nasopharyngeal cancer survival using LIME and SHAP 

    Alabi, Rasheed Omobolaji; Elmusrati, Mohammed; Leivo, Ilmo; Almangush, Alhadi; Mäkitie, Antti A. (Springer Nature, 02.06.2023)
    Nasopharyngeal cancer (NPC) has a unique histopathology compared with other head and neck cancers. Individual NPC patients may attain different outcomes. This study aims to build a prognostic system by combining a highly ...
  • The impact of the Russia-Ukraine crisis on the stock market : Evidence from Australia 

    Kamal, Md Rajib; Ahmed, Shaker; Hasan, Mostafa Monzur (Elsevier, 21.04.2023)
    This paper investigates the effect of the Russia–Ukraine crisis on the Australian stock market. Using the event study methodology, we find significantly negative abnormal returns on the event date (i.e., the first trading ...
  • An enhanced energy efficient protocol for large-scale IoT-based heterogeneous WSNs 

    Abdul-Qawy, Antar Shaddad Hamed; Alduais, Nayef Abdulwahab Mohammed; Saad, Abdul-Malik H.Y.; Taher, Murad Ahmed Ali; Nasser, Abdullah B.; Saleh, Sami Abdulla Mohsen; Khatri, Narendra (Elsevier, 01.08.2023)
    There is increasing attention, recently, to optimizing energy consumption in IoT-based large-scale networks. Extending the lifetime of battery-powered nodes is a key challenge in such systems and their various application ...
  • Case-based learning in collaboration across universities to enhance students' understanding of sustainability 

    Eriksson, Victor; Holma, Anne-Maria; Lind, Frida; Lyng, Reidar; Bennedsen, Jens; Bettaieb, Lamjed; Bodsberg, Nils Rune; Edström, Kristin; Guðjónsdóttir, María Sigríður; Roslöf, Janne; Solbjørg, Ole K.; Øien, Geir (CDIO Initiative, 24.11.2023)
    Focus on sustainability is increasing in engineering and management education, businesses, and the larger society. In order to cope with sustainability challenges, more holistic pedagogies and practices that foster ...
  • Balancing Innovation and Responsibility With Citizen Data : A Case of Wellness Records 

    Hyrynsalmi, Sami; Vilpponen, Hannu; Grundström, Mika; Rantanen, Minna M.; Westerstrand, Salla; Sahlgren, Otto; Koskinen, Jani (CEUR-WS, 08.12.2023)
    In the age of the data and artificial intelligence, the data itself has become as the fuel of new innovations, improvements and prosperity. However, in the domain of healthcare and citizen-based personal data, the regulation ...
  • How Do AI Ethics Principles Work? From Process to Product Point of View 

    Kemell, Kai Kristian; Vakkuri, Ville; Sohrab, Fahad; Rantanen, Minna M.; Westerstrand, Salla; Sahlgren, Otto; Koskinen, Jani (CEUR-WS, 08.12.2023)
    Discussing the potential negative impacts of AI systems and how to address them has been the core idea of AI ethics more recently. Based on this discussion, various principles summarizing and categorizing ethical issues ...

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