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    • Business models in servitization 

      Huikkola, Tuomas; Kohtamäki, Marko; Kohtamäki, Marko; Baines, Tim; Rabetino, Rodrigo; Bigdeli, Ali Z. (Springer, 01.06.2018)
      This chapter sheds light on the different business models of manufacturing companies that have servitized their business operations. This chapter presents four distinctive yet simultaneously pursued business models for ...
    • Knowledge-intensive territorial servitization : regional driving forces and the role of the entrepreneurial ecosystem 

      Horváth, Krisztina; Rabetino, Rodrigo (Taylor & Francis, 29.05.2018)
      This study analyses how regional manufacturing characteristics—i.e., specialisation and size of new manufacturers—and the entrepreneurial ecosystem—contextual factors driving entrepreneurial actions—impact the rate of new ...
    • Make-or-buy configurational approaches in product-service ecosystems and performance 

      Bustinza, Oscar F.; Lafuente, Esteban; Rabetino, Rodrigo; Vaillant, Yancy; Vendrell-Herrero, Ferran (Elsevier, 01.11.2019)
      This research examines firm boundary configurations for manufacturers' product-service offerings. We argue that the building of a product-service ecosystem through collaboration with service providers in certain types of ...
    • Product-service innovation and performance : unveiling the complexities 

      Bustinza, Oscar F.; Vendrell Herrero, Ferran; Gomes, Emanuel; Lafuente, Esteban; Opazo-Basáez, Marco; Rabetino, Rodrigo; Vaillant, Yancy (Inderscience Publishers, 15.10.2018)
      The purpose of this paper is to unveil the existing complexities in the relationship between product-service innovation (PSI) - or servitisation - and firm performance that arise from the mismatch between theoretical ...
    • Solution sales process blueprinting 

      Rabetino, Rodrigo; Ogundipe, Samuel Johnson; Kohtamäki, Marko (Inderscience Publishers, 15.10.2018)
      By utilising the blueprinting technique, this study develops a sales process framework that visualises different activities, actors, and customer touch-points in the solution sales process. Based on a multiple-case study ...
    • Structuring servitization-related research 

      Rabetino, Rodrigo; Harmsen, Willem; Kohtamäki, Marko; Sihvonen, Jukka (Emerald, 05.02.2018)
      Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to organize and connect past research from different servitization-related scholarly communities. Design/methodology/approach - This study reviews more than 1,000 articles by ...
    • To servitize is to (re)position : utilizing a Porterian view to understand servitization and value systems 

      Rabetino, Rodrigo; Kohtamäki, Marko; Kohtamäki, Marko; Baines, Tim; Rabetino, Rodrigo; Bigdeli, Ali Z. (Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, 01.06.2018)
      Drawing on the case of a global servitizing company in the ship power industry, we use a Porterian toolkit for analyzing the implications of industry power and its consequences on firm vertical (re)positioning within the ...