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    • Analysis of photovoltaic technology development based on technology life cycle approach 

      Jamali, Mahdis Yousef; Aslani, Alireza; Moghadam, Babak Farhang; Naaranoja, Marja; Madvar, Mohammad Dehghani (AIP Publishing, 27.05.2016)
      Increasing energy demand has created the challenge of supplying safe, economical, and durable energy with minimal impact on the environment. Therefore, governments have developed and executed several strategies such as ...
    • Analysis of stakeholder roles and the challenges of solar energy utilization in Iran 

      Madvar, Mohammad Dehghani; Nazari, Mohammad Alhuyi; Arjmand, Jamal Tabe; Aslani, Alireza; Ghasempour, Roghayeh; Ahmadi, Mohammad Hossein (Oxford University Press, 17.10.2018)
      Growing energy demand, rising greenhouse gas emissions and the depletion of fossil fuels necessitates the development of renewable energy sources. In order to improve renewable energy utilization, it is necessary to determine ...