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    • Business models in servitization 

      Huikkola, Tuomas; Kohtamäki, Marko; Kohtamäki, Marko; Baines, Tim; Rabetino, Rodrigo; Bigdeli, Ali Z. (Springer, 01.06.2018)
      This chapter sheds light on the different business models of manufacturing companies that have servitized their business operations. This chapter presents four distinctive yet simultaneously pursued business models for ...
    • Relational governance strategies for advanced service provision : multiple paths to superior financial performance in servitization 

      Sjödin, David R.; Parida, Vinit; Kohtamäki, Marko (08 / 2019)
      The ability of manufacturing companies to offer advanced services and achieve superior financial performance remains an open question in the servitization literature. One central question relates to how providers govern ...