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    • Data Quality in Smart Manufacturing 

      Mäkinen, Matias Valtteri (24.12.2020)
      Data quality is important aspect for the business in 21st -century. High quality data is needed more and more in companies for producing high quality products and services. The purpose of this research is to find and define ...
    • Implementing Quality Culture 

      Aavik-Ulvinen, Kärt (2007)
      Pro gradu - tutkielma 
      The theoretical part of this case study focuses on concepts of quality and organisational culture. Organisational culture manifests itself as the values and behaviour of individuals. Both of these themes have an increasingly ...
    • Quality cooperation between Finnish suppliers and case company 

      Reinikka, Joni (27.04.2021)
      Pro gradu -tutkielma
      ABSTRACT : The purpose of this work is to investigate the quality cooperation between the case company and some small Finnish subcontractors. The author doing the research works in case company. Company has recognized the ...