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    • Mixed signals : employee reactions to talent status communication amidst strategic ambiguity 

      Sumelius, Jennie; Smale, Adam; Yamao, Sachiko (Taylor & Francis, 27.02.2019)
      Given the sensitive nature of communicating talent status in an ‘exclusive’ talent management system and the complexity involved in simultaneously sending signals of exclusivity and inclusivity, some organisations avoid ...
    • Talent Management in Multinational Corporations 

      Björkman, Ingmar; Ehrnrooth, Mats; Mäkelä, Kristiina; Smale, Adam; Sumelius, Jennie; Collings, David; Mellahi, Kamel; Cascio, Wayne (Oxford University Press, 01.10.2017)
      The focus of the chapter is on the practices used by multinational corporations (MNCs) to manage employees defined as ‘talent’. We examine the content of corporate practices, the actors involved in carrying out these ...
    • Talent responses to talent status awareness—Not a question of simple reciprocation 

      Ehrnrooth, Mats; Björkman, Ingmar; Mäkelä, Kristiina; Smale, Adam; Sumelius, Jennie; Taimitarha, Susanna (Wiley, 24.03.2018)
      How to manage talent effectively is a key question in organisations. Yet we still know relatively little about talent's psychological reactions to their exclusive status. Based on psychological contract theory and research ...