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    • Dynamic business model based on research in power electronics industry 

      Koskinen, Jari; Takala, Josu; Awali, Joseph Sebuwufu (Polish Association for Production Management, 12 / 2013)
      The recent global economic crisis has caused an uncertain and challenging business environment and has battered managements that are running businesses all over the world.This paper focuses on new capabilities that can be ...
    • Validating Knowledge and Technology Effects to Operative Sustainable Competitive Advantage 

      Takala, Josu; Koskinen, Jari; Liu, Yang; Serif Tas, Mehmet; Muhos, Matti (Polish Association for Production Management, 09 / 2013)
      Purpose: This paper aims to present a fresh idea on how to model and examine the level of sustainable competitive advantage (SCA) with and without knowledge and /technology (K/T) effects in a case company’s operation by ...