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    • Gamified package : consumer insights into multidimensional brand engagement 

      Syrjälä, Henna; Kauppinen-Räisänen, Hannele; Luomala, Harri T.; Joelsson, Tapani N.; Könnölä, Kaisa; Mäkilä, Tuomas (Elsevier, 01.10.2020)
      Although most gamification studies share the idea that customer engagement is one of the expected outcomes of gamification, they tend to treat engagement one-dimensionally as a psychological outcome of gamification. The ...
    • Playful approaches to news engagement 

      Ferrer-Conill, Raul; Foxman, Maxwell; Jones, Janet; Sihvonen, Tanja; Siitonen, Marko (SAGE, 14.05.2020)
      From crossword puzzles and quizzes to more complex gamification strategies and serious newsgames, legacy media has long explored ways to deploy playful approaches to deliver their content and engage with the audience. We ...