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    • Intangibles and innovation-labor-biased technical change 

      Piekkola, Hannu (Emerald, 11.06.2020)
      Purpose - This paper analyzes the productivity effects of structural capital such as research and development (R&D) and organizational capital (OC). Innovation work also produces innovation-labor-biased technical change ...
    • The role of venture capital in the commercialization of cleantech companies 

      Shakeel, Shah Rukh; Juszczyk, Oskar (University of Primorska, 2019)
      Venture Capital (VC) plays an important role in the success of their portfolio companies. Small- and medium-sized companies often struggle with the resources required to succeed in the market. vc not only helps companies ...
    • What drives the development of intellectual capital? A longitudinal study 

      Kianto, Aino; Vanhala, Mika; Ritala, Paavo; Hussinki, Henri; Ordóñez de Pablos, Patricia; Edvinsson, Leif (Routledge, 09.03.2020)
      The beneficial consequences that intellectual capital exerts on various aspects of organizational performance have become well established facts demonstrated in a wide range of empirical studies. However, little knowledge ...