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    • Cybersecurity in accounting research 

      Haapamäki, Elina; Sihvonen, Jukka (Emerald Publishing, 01.07.2019)
      Purpose - This paper aims to update the cybersecurity-related accounting literature by synthesizing 39 recent theoretical and empirical studies on the topic. Furthermore, the paper provides a set of categories into which ...
    • Goodwill and ethics : evidence from Finland 

      Vallius, Suvi; Rautiainen, Antti; Virtanen, Aila; Järvenpää, Marko (Jyväskylän yliopisto, Business and Organization Ethics Network (BON), 2019)
      Goodwill appears as an intangible asset in the parent company balance sheet after purchasing a company, especially with big expectations of growth and synergy. However, there are ethical issues involved in presenting and ...
    • Revisiting the intellectual capital research landscape – a systematic literature review 

      Hussinki, Henri; Garanina, Tatiana; Dumay, Johannes; Steinhöfel, Erik; Ordóñez de Pablos, Patricia; Edvinsson, Leif (Routledge, 09.03.2020)
      The objective of this systematic literature review (SLR) is to provide insights on intellectual capital (IC) research models in terms of their preference for a single IC element or multiple IC elements, as well as how this ...