"Uncertainty" - Selaus asiasanan mukaanArtikkelit

    • Adjustable robust optimization approach for two-stage operation of energy hub-based microgrids 

      Shams, Mohammad H.; Shahabi, Majid; MansourLakouraj, Mohammad; Shafie-khah, Miadreza; Catalão, João P.S. (Elsevier, 01.05.2021)
      Growing demand for energy carriers has led to an increased interest in developing and managing multiple energy carrier microgrids. Furthermore, the volatile nature of renewable resources as well as the uncertain electrical ...
    • Developing brand identities for international new ventures under uncertainty : Decision-making logics and psychic distance 

      Kusi, Samuel Yaw; Gabrielsson, Peter; Kontkanen, Minnie (26.05.2021)
      While many models describe efforts to build brand identity, none specifies the brand identity development for small firms facing uncertainty, such as rapidly internationalizing international new ventures. By examining four ...
    • Do uncertainties affect biofuel prices? 

      Uddin, Gazi Salah; Hernandez, Jose Areola; Wadström, Christoffer; Dutta, Anupam; Ahmeda, Ali (Elsevier, 01.05.2021)
      We investigate the impact of geopolitical risk, U.S. economic policy uncertainty, financial stress, and market volatility on prices of U.S. and Brazilian ethanol and Malaysian palm oil. We use quantile autoregressive and ...