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    • Brain Drain in Finland; A Real Threat or a Myth and its Impact on Finland's R&D Capabilities 

      Zaraf, Afnan; Kantola, Jussi (Politechnika Śląska, 11.09.2019)
      The phenomenon of ‘Brain Drain’ or ‘Human Capital Flight’ is actively discussed in Finland recently. It is the phenomenon in which highly educated and skilled people leave the country where they attained their education ...
    • Innovative growth : the role of market power and negative selection 

      Piekkola, Hannu; Rahko, Jaana (Taylor & Francis, 08.09.2019)
      This paper relies on register-based statistical data from Finland to measure broad research and development (R&D), organizational capital (OC) and information and communication technology (ICT) investments as innovation ...
    • Intangibles and innovation-labor-biased technical change 

      Piekkola, Hannu (Emerald, 11.06.2020)
      Purpose - This paper analyzes the productivity effects of structural capital such as research and development (R&D) and organizational capital (OC). Innovation work also produces innovation-labor-biased technical change ...