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    • Finnish SMEs and the development of the innovative collaboration platform 

      Zafar, Afnan; Kantola, Jussi; Sivula, Ari; Kwegyir-Afful, Ebo; Lotchi, Kodjovi; Bitran, Iain; Conn, Steffen; Gernreich, Chris; Heber, Michelle; Huizingh, K.R.E.; Kokshagina, Olga; Torkkeli, Marko; Tynnhammar, Marcus (The International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM), 2019)
      Global patterns of innovative platforms for the collaboration of SMEs have resulted in the formation of SME ecosystems to connect with new markets. Finland is an innovative country, trying its best to form a national SME ...
    • Taxonomy of Knowledge Management in Open Innovations 

      Haapalainen, Päivi; Kantola, Jussi (2015)
      This paper discusses knowledge management in an open innovation context. Open innovation is one of the most popular topics in innovation literature at the moment. Knowledge management is needed to enable inbound ...