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    • A Class of Sectorial Relations and the Associated Closed Forms 

      Hassi, Seppo; de Snoo, H. S. V.; Alpay, Daniel; Fritzsche, Bern; Kirstein, Bernd (Springer Nature, 19.09.2020)
      Let T be a closed linear relation from a Hilbert space H to a Hilbert space K and let B ∈ B(K) be selfadjoint. It will be shown that the relation T∗(I+iB)T is maximal sectorial via a matrix decomposition of B with respect ...
    • Factorized sectorial relations, their maximal-sectorial extensions, and form sums 

      Hassi, Seppo; Sandovici, Adrian; de Snoo, Henk (Springer, 25.05.2019)
      In this paper we consider sectorial operators, or more generally, sectorial relations and their maximal-sectorial extensions in a Hilbert space H. Our particular interest is in sectorial relations S, which can be expressed ...