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    • A Race for Long Horizon Bankruptcy Prediction 

      Altman, Edward I.; Iwanicz-Drozdowska, Małgorzata; Laitinen, Erkki K.; Suvas, Arto (Taylor & Francis, 27.02.2020)
      This study compares the accuracy and efficiency of five different estimation methods for predicting financial distress of small and medium-sized enterprises. We apply different methods for a large set of financial and ...
    • Accounting for intangibles and intellectual capital : a literature review from 2000 to 2020 

      Garanina, Tatiana; Hussinki, Henri; Dumay, Johannes (WileyAccounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand, 22.01.2021)
      This article presents the results of a systematic literature review on intangibles and intellectual capital (IC) focusing on articles published in the top 20 accounting journals between 2000 and 2020. We find that North ...
    • Another look at value and momentum : volatility spillovers 

      Grobys, Klaus; Vähämaa, Sami (Springer, 08.04.2020)
      This paper examines volatility interdependencies between value and momentum returns. Using U.S. data over the period 1926–2015, we document persistent periods of low and high volatility spillovers between value and momentum ...
    • Assessing the risk of the European Union carbon allowance market : structural breaks and forecasting performance 

      Dutta, Anupam; Jalkh, Naji; Bouri, Elie; Dutta, Probal (Emerald, 17.06.2019)
      Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of structural breaks on the conditional variance of carbon emission allowance prices. Design/methodology/approach - The authors employ the symmetric GARCH model, ...
    • Assessment and Optimization of Clean Energy Equity Risks and Commodity Price Volatility Indexes : Implications for Sustainability 

      Dutta, Anupam; Bouri, Elie; Das, Debojyoti; Roubaud, David (Elsevier, 10.01.2020)
      Although clean energy equities have emerged as a new asset class for market participants, especially environmentally concerned investors, existing and previous studies pay very little attention to how equity investors in ...
    • Bank liquidity creation and systemic risk 

      Davydov, Denis; Vähämaa, Sami; Yasar, Sara (Elsevier, 01.02.2021)
      This paper examines the linkage between bank liquidity creation and systemic risk. Using quarterly data on U.S. bank holding companies from 2003 to 2016, we document that liquidity creation decreases systemic risk at the ...
    • Bond-equity yield ratio investing in Emerging markets 

      Dimic, Nebojsa; Orlov, Vitaly; Äijö, Janne (SAGE Publications, 28.03.2019)
      his article investigates the market timing ability of the bond–equity yield ratio (BEYR) from an international investor perspective. Consolidating data on emerging markets, we document no major international evidence that ...
    • Brexit uncertainty and volatility persistence in tourism demand 

      Dutta, Anupam; Mishra, Tapas; Uddin, Gazi Salah; Yang, Yang (RoutledgeTaylor & Francis, 24.09.2020)
      Tourism has emerged as one of the leading components of aggregate economic growth in most developed economies, especially in the UK, where it is predicted to grow at an annual rate of 3.8% through 2025. Because tourism ...
    • Can clean energy stock price rule oil price? New evidences from a regime-switching model at first and second moments 

      Yahya, Muhammad; Kanjilal, Kakali; Dutta, Anupam; Uddin, Gazi Salah; Ghosh, Sajal (Elsevier, 15.01.2021)
      The study evaluates nonlinear price transmission mechanisms between clean energy stock and crude oil price in levels, mean, and error variances. We propose a novel way of combining a two-regime threshold vector error ...
    • Cointegration and nonlinear causality among ethanol-related prices : evidence from Brazil 

      Dutta, Anupam (Wiley, 16.12.2017)
      The objective of this study was to investigate the causal relationships among crude oil, ethanol and sugar prices in the context of Brazil. In doing so, we consider the application of ARDL bound tests to examine whether ...
    • Combining value and momentum : evidence from the Nordic equity market 

      Grobys, Klaus; Huhta-Halkola, Topi (Taylor & Francis, 22.02.2019)
      This is the first article that explores the recently proposed average ranking approach for the value and momentum strategy in the Nordic equity market offering an exceptional experimental environment. Our results indicate ...
    • Comparing the Risk Spillover from Oil and Gas to Investment Grade and High-yield Bonds through Optimal Copulas 

      Rahman, Md Lutfur; Shahzad, Syed Jawad Hussain; Uddin, Gazi Salah; Dutta, Anupam (International Association for Energy Economics, 01.02.2022)
      This paper compares the tail dependence and risk spillovers from the oil and gas to high-yield (HY) and investment grade (IG) bond markets. We use time-varying optimal copula framework to examine the dependence and further ...
    • Corporate environmental reporting practices in Finland : a review and agenda for future research 

      Dutta, Probal (Virtus Interpress, 29.05.2018)
      The research in the area of corporate environmental accounting and reporting in the context of Finland is scarce. This paper outlines the studies conducted to date on Finnish firms’ environmental reporting practices with ...
    • Crash fears and stock market effects : evidence from web searches and printed news articles 

      Nikkinen, Jussi; Peltomäki, Jarkko (Taylor & Francis, 20.08.2019)
      The authors studied the complex relationship between information supply and demand using newspaper articles and web searches that reflect investors’ crash fears. They report that more web searches lead to more news, whereas ...
    • Crude oil prices and clean energy stock indices : Lagged and asymmetric effects with quantile regression 

      Dawar, Ishaan; Dutta, Anupam; Bouri, Elie; Saeed, Tareq (ElsevierWorld Renewable Energy Network (WREN), 01.01.2021)
      Unlike previous studies examining the association between crude oil and renewable energy stock prices under average conditions, we employ a quantile-based regression approach offering a more comprehensive dependence structure ...
    • Crude oil volatility and the biodiesel feedstock market in Malaysia during the 2014 oil price decline and the COVID-19 outbreak 

      Dutta, Anupam; Bouri, Elie; Saeed, Tareq; Vo, Xuan Vinh (Elsevier, 15.05.2021)
      Although the global crude oil market plays a significant role in pricing edible oils, the association between energy price uncertainty and the Malaysian palm oil industry remains understudied. Given that palm oil is widely ...
    • Cryptocurrencies and momentum 

      Grobys, Klaus; Sapkota, Niranjan (Elsevier, 01.07.2019)
      Retrieving a set of 143 cryptocurrencies for a sample spanning 2014–2018, we investigate the popular momentum strategy implemented in the cryptocurrency market. Contrary to earlier studies our findings do not indicate any ...
    • Cybersecurity in accounting research 

      Haapamäki, Elina; Sihvonen, Jukka (Emerald Publishing, 01.07.2019)
      Purpose - This paper aims to update the cybersecurity-related accounting literature by synthesizing 39 recent theoretical and empirical studies on the topic. Furthermore, the paper provides a set of categories into which ...
    • Cyclicality of bank liquidity creation 

      Davydov, Denis; Fungáčová, Zuzana; Weill, Laurent (Elsevier, 01.07.2018)
      This paper investigates the cyclicality of bank liquidity creation. Since liquidity creation is a major economic function of banks, their liquidity creation behavior may amplify business cycle fluctuations. Using the ...
    • Determinants of voluntary sustainability assurance : the importance of corporate environmental performance 

      Dutta, Probal (Social Responsibility Research NetworkEmerald, 16.11.2019)
      Purpose: The main purpose of this study is to investigate whether corporate environmental performance exerts any significant influence on the voluntary external assurance of sustainability reports. Design/methodology/approach: ...