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    • Fuel blends behavior in freezing-melting phase transition 

      Sirviö, Katriina; Niemi, Seppo; Heikkilä, Sonja; Help, Riikka; Vauhkonen, Ville; Hiltunen, Erkki (Technische Akademie Esslingen, 2019)
      Several renewable and sustainable liquid fuel alternatives are needed for different compression-ignition (CI) engine applications to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Biodiesels, FAMEs, have been studied for long time ...
    • Functional Analysis of the Microgrid Concept Applied to Case Studies of the Sundom Smart Grid 

      Sirviö, Katja; Kauhaniemi, Kimmo; Memon, Aushiq Ali; Laaksonen, Hannu; Kumpulainen, Lauri (Molecular Diversity Preservation International (MDPI), 15.08.2020)
      The operation of microgrids is a complex task because it involves several stakeholders and controlling a large number of different active and intelligent resources or devices. Management functions, such as frequency control ...
    • Functional product business models : a review of the literature and identification of operational tactical practices 

      Reim, Wiebke; Rönnberg Sjödin, David; Parida, Vinit; Persson, Andreas (Elsevier, 2014)
      Offering functional products (FP) are beginning to emerge as a growing trend within industrial firms driven by the desire to achieve economic performance and sustainable resource management goals. Nevertheless, our knowledge ...
    • Fundamental indexation for developed, emerging, and frontier government bond markets 

      Piljak, Vanja; Swinkels, Laurens (Palgrave Macmillan, 22.03.2017)
      We examine the risk and return characteristics of fundamental weighting schemes for developed, emerging, and frontier government bond markets; and compare these to market capitalization weighted indexes. We document positive ...
    • Further evidence on long-run abnormal returns after corporate events 

      Kolari, James W.; Pynnönen, Seppo; Tuncez, Ahmet M. (Elsevier, 19.10.2020)
      This paper investigates abnormal standardized returns (ASRs) after major corporate events. Dutta, Knif, Kolari, and Pynnonen (2018) have shown that the ASR t-test has superior size and power compared to traditional test ...
    • Further Semiotic Perspectives on the Outcome-Based vs Performance-Based Semantic Dispute 

      Korkeamäki, Lauri; Kohtamäki, Marko; Baines, Tim; Rabetino, Rodrigo; Ziaee Bigdeli, Ali; Kowalkowski, Christian; Oliva, Rogelio; Parida, Vinit (Palgrave Macmillan, 27.07.2021)
      The current book chapter addresses the result-oriented servitization business models coined in the academic literature as outcome-based contracts or performance-based contracts. Indeed, the given polarization in terms of ...
    • Fusion of strengths : t-style thinkers are the soul savers for organizational innovative drives and the allied change processes 

      Kazmi, Syeda Asiya Zenab; Naaranoja, Marja (Elsevier, 11.05.2015)
      Though almost all the organizations of the current era espouse innovation and creativity, but still there is strong practical presence of management models supporting the concepts like maximization, equilibrium and ...
    • Future directions in international financial integration research - A crowdsourced perspective 

      Lucey, Brian M.; Vigne, Samuel A.; Ballester, Laura; Barbopoulos, Leonidas; Brzeszczynski, Janusz; Carchano, Oscar; Dimic, Nebojsa; Fernandez, Viviana; Gogolin, Fabian; González-Urteaga, Ana; Goodell, John W.; Helbing, Pia; Ichev, Riste; Kearney, Fearghal; Laing, Elaine; Larkin, Charles J.; Lindblad, Annika; Lončarski, Igor; Kim, Cuong Ly; Marinč, Matej; McGee, Richard J.; McGroarty, Frank; Neville, Conor; O’Hagan-Luff, Martha; Piljak, Vanja; Sevic, Aleksandar; Sheng, Xin; Stafylas, Dimitrios; Urquhart, Andrew; Versteeg, Roald; Vu, Anh N; Wolfe, Simon; Yarovaya, Larisa; Zaghini, Andrea (Elsevier, 01.01.2018)
      This paper is the result of a crowdsourced effort to surface perspectives on the present and future direction of international finance. The authors are researchers in financial economics who attended the INFINITI 2017 conference ...
    • Gamified package : consumer insights into multidimensional brand engagement 

      Syrjälä, Henna; Kauppinen-Räisänen, Hannele; Luomala, Harri T.; Joelsson, Tapani N.; Könnölä, Kaisa; Mäkilä, Tuomas (Elsevier, 01.10.2020)
      Although most gamification studies share the idea that customer engagement is one of the expected outcomes of gamification, they tend to treat engagement one-dimensionally as a psychological outcome of gamification. The ...
    • Generalization of the Nualart–Peccati criterion 

      Azmoodeh, Ehsan; Malicet, Dominique; Mijoule, Guillaume; Poly, Guillaume (Institute of Mathematical Statistics, 14.03.2016)
      The celebrated Nualart–Peccati criterion [Ann. Probab. 33 (2005) 177–193] ensures the convergence in distribution toward a standard Gaussian random variable N of a given sequence {Xn}n≥1 of multiple Wiener–Itô integrals ...
    • Generalized Gaussian bridges 

      Sottinen, Tommi; Yazigi, Adil (ElsevierNorth-Holland Publ. Co.Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability, 2014)
      A generalized bridge is a stochastic process that is conditioned on N linear functionals of its path. We consider two types of representations: orthogonal and canonical. The orthogonal representation is constructed from ...
    • Generalized Schur–Nevanlinna functions and their realizations 

      Lilleberg, Lassi (Springer, 03.10.2020)
      Pontryagin space operator valued generalized Schur functions and generalized Nevanlinna functions are investigated by using discrete-time systems, or operator colligations, and state space realizations. It is shown that ...
    • Geographical perspectives: regional development and transnational learning 

      Virkkala, Seija; Mariussen, Åge; Virkkala, Seija (Routledge, 29.04.2013)
      This chapter discusses the relationship between regional development and transnational learning. Transnational learning is seen as a resource for regional development, and this chapter examines how it can boost regional ...
    • Get some respect - buy organic foods! When everyday consumer choices serve as prosocial status signaling 

      Luomala, Harri; Puska, Petteri; Lähdesmäki, Merja; Siltaoja, Marjo; Kurki, Sami (Elsevier, 01.02.2020)
      Status considerations have recently been linked to prosocial behaviors. This research shows that even everyday consumer behaviors such as favoring organic foods serve as prosocial status signaling. Key ideas from the ...
    • Global OTC pharmaceutical packaging with a local touch 

      Kauppinen-Räisänen, Hannele; van der Merwe, Darleen; Bosman, Magdalena (Emerald, 15.06.2020)
      Purpose - The aim of this study is to explore the contextual influences of packaging design and its cues on respondents' preferences. Design/methodology/approach - To explore the contextuality of packaging cues, a ...
    • Globalisation and Human Resource Management 

      Brewster, Chris; Smale, Adam; Mayrhofer, Wolfgang; Sparrow, Paul; Cooper, Cary L. (Edward Elgar Publishing, 27.10.2017)
      The chapter examines globalisation in the context of two international HRM literatures: comparative HRM (CHRM); and HRM in multinational enterprises (MNEs). It reviews debates behind the “globalisation thesis” and long-term ...
    • Goodwill and ethics : evidence from Finland 

      Vallius, Suvi; Rautiainen, Antti; Virtanen, Aila; Järvenpää, Marko (Jyväskylän yliopisto, Business and Organization Ethics Network (BON), 2019)
      Goodwill appears as an intangible asset in the parent company balance sheet after purchasing a company, especially with big expectations of growth and synergy. However, there are ethical issues involved in presenting and ...
    • Governance reforms, individualization of human resource management (HRM), and impact on workplace behavior — a black box? 

      Demmke, Christoph (Taylor & Francis, 12.09.2019)
      The purpose of this article is to discuss the relationship between destandardization and delegation trends; ethical leadership; perceptions of organizational fairness; and justice and workplace behavior. It is argued that ...