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    • A multilevel perspective on organizational buying behavior in coopetition - an exploratory case study 

      Rajala, Anni; Tidström, Annika (Elsevier, 01.06.2017)
      This article offers a new and interesting perspective on organizational buying behavior by focusing on the simultaneous existence of both cooperation and competition, that is, coopetition. Coopetition may bring undesired ...
    • A Network Perspective and Hidden Corruption 

      Osifo, Omoregie Charles (Macrothink Institute, 22.02.2018)
      This study examines the hidden aspects of corruption from a network perspective. Through networking, we understand the nature and functioning of hidden corruption, because hidden corruption relates to various acts of ...
    • A New Control Strategy for Harmonic Mitigation Using Open UPQC in Modern LV Networks 

      Faranda, R.; Kazemi-Robati, E.; Sepasian, M. S.; Akkala, K.; Hafezi, H. (IEEE, 21.11.2019)
      The higher penetration of both renewable generation units and nonlinear loads is leading to higher levels of harmonics in microgrids and modern distribution systems. Accordingly, the operation of the sensitive loads in the ...
    • A New Impedance-Based Main and Backup Protection Scheme for Active Distribution Lines in AC Microgrids 

      Nobakhti, Seyyed Mohammad; Ketabi, Abbas; Shafie-khah, Miadreza (MDPI, 06.01.2021)
      Microgrids active characteristics such as grid-connected or islanded operation mode, the distributed generators with an intermittent nature, and bidirectional power flow in active distribution lines lead to malfunction of ...
    • A New Local Market Structure for Meeting Customer-Level Flexibility Needs 

      Khajeh, Hosna; Firoozi, Hooman; Laaksonen, Hannu; Shafie-khah, Miadreza (IEEE, 22.09.2020)
      Flexibility issues are the main problems arising from the high injection of renewables and distributed energy resources. In order to solve this problem, flexibility potential of distribution-located flexible energy resources ...
    • A novel combined evolutionary algorithm for optimal planning of distributed generators in radial distribution systems 

      Mahfoud, Rabea Jamil; Sun, Yonghui; Alkayem, Nizar Faisal; Haes Alhelou, Hassan; Siano, Pierluigi; Shafie-khah, Miadreza (MDPI, 17.08.2019)
      In this paper, a novel, combined evolutionary algorithm for solving the optimal planning of distributed generators (OPDG) problem in radial distribution systems (RDSs) is proposed. This algorithm is developed by uniquely ...
    • A novel methodology and new concept of structural dynamic moisture buffering for modeling building moisture dynamics 

      Lü, Xiaoshu; Lu, Tao; Kibert, Charles; Zhang, Qunli; Hughes, Mar (Elsevier, 19.05.2020)
      This paper presents a new methodology that takes a physical-statistical approach to dynamically model indoor air humidity and moisture transport in building structures. A new concept, structural dynamics moisture buffer ...
    • A novel methodology for the path alignment of visual SLAM in indoor construction inspection 

      Lu, Tao; Tervola, Sonja; Lü, Xiaoshu; Kibert, Charles J.; Zhang, Qunli; Li, Tong; Yao, Zhitong (Elsevier, 01.07.2021)
      Path alignment is the process of mapping an indoor construction inspection path reconstructed by a visual SLAM system onto a 2D map with user interaction required to pinpoint at least two common tie points. In practice, ...
    • A Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Framework for Wind Power Producers With Load Serving Entities in Retailing Layer 

      Rashidizadeh-Kermani, Homa; Vahedipour-Dahraie, Mostafa; Shafie-khah, Miadreza; Siano, Pierluigi (IEEE, 05.01.2021)
      This article proposes a peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading framework for wind power producer (WPP) in the retailing layer to increase its revenue and to promote wind power utilization. In this framework, the WPP can provide ...
    • A preliminary assessment of industrial symbiosis in Sodankylä 

      Haq, Hafiz; Välisuo, Petri; Kumpulainen, Lauri; Tuomi, Ville; Niemi, Seppo (Elsevier, 01.12.2020)
      This study focuses on developing a possible architecture of planned industrial symbiosis in Sodankylä, Finland. The municipality of Sodankylä is considering the establishment of new businesses to boost the region's local ...
    • A preliminary test for using a borehole as cool storage 

      Martinkauppi, J.B.; Syrjälä, T.; Mäkiranta, A.; Hiltunen, E. (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Zagreb, 2020)
      This paper describes a preliminary test for using a borehole as a cool storage. The testing was done using a dry borehole in Vaasa area. The cooling was done using a special trailer in period of 9 days after which the ...
    • A Qualitative Approach For Assessing Resiliency In Supply Chains 

      Nikookar, Hassan; Takala, Josu; Sahebi, Daniel; Kantola, Jussi (Polish Association for Production Management, 12 / 2014)
      The ultimate goal of this study is to develop a comprehensive and competitive management system to enhance resilience capability of supply chains. In addition, the study aims to identify and eliminate barriers affecting ...
    • A quasi-experimental study of a basics of evidence-based practice educational intervention for health and social care professionals 

      Melender, Hanna-Leena; Salmela, Susanne; Pape, Bernd (SAGE, 28.05.2020)
      Education is one of the central interventions to promote evidence-based practice (EBP) in service organizations. An educational intervention to promote EBP among health and social care professionals was implemented in a ...
    • A questionnaire case study to investigate public awareness of smog pollution in China's rural areas 

      Jiang, Li; Hiltunen, Erkki; He, Xianglin; Zhu, Liandong (Molecular Diversity Preservation International (MDPI), 31.10.2016)
      Smog pollution is one of China’s most pressing public health issues today and has therefore received significant attention worldwide. Not only cities but also villages in China are suffering from smog pollution, especially ...
    • A Race for Long Horizon Bankruptcy Prediction 

      Altman, Edward I.; Iwanicz-Drozdowska, Małgorzata; Laitinen, Erkki K.; Suvas, Arto (Taylor & Francis, 27.02.2020)
      This study compares the accuracy and efficiency of five different estimation methods for predicting financial distress of small and medium-sized enterprises. We apply different methods for a large set of financial and ...
    • A regret-based stochastic bi-level framework for scheduling of DR aggregator under uncertainties 

      Rashidizadeh-Kermani, Homa; Vahedipour-Dahraie, Mostafa; Shafie-khah, Miadreza; Siano, Pierluigi (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 23.01.2020)
      A regret-based stochastic bi-level framework for optimal decision making of a demand response (DR) aggregator to purchase energy from short term electricity market and wind generation units is proposed. Based on this model, ...
    • A review of formal and informal regulations in the Nordic influencer industry 

      Abidin, Crystal; Hansen, Kjeld; Hogsnes, Mathilde; Newlands, Gemma; Nielsen, Mette Lykke; Yung Nielsen, Louise; Sihvonen, Tanja (Sciendo, 30.05.2020)
      This article provides a systematic review of laws, guidelines, and best practices related to the Nordic influencer industry as of the year 2020. We highlight some nuanced differences or shortfalls across Denmark, Finland, ...
    • A review of indocyanine green fluorescent imaging in surgery 

      Alander, Jarmo T.; Kaartinen, Ilkka; Laakso, Aki; Pätilä, Tommi; Spillmann, Thomas; Tuchin, Valery V.; Venermo, Maarit; Välisuo, Petri (Hindawi, 22.04.2012)
      The purpose of this paper is to give an overview of the recent surgical intraoperational applications of indocyanine green fluorescence imaging methods, the basics of the technology, and instrumentation used. Well over 200 ...
    • A Review of International Entrepreneurship as Part of Broader Opportunity Research : Topic Modelling Approach 

      Puhakka, Vesa; Ojala, Arto; Jafari-Sadeghi, Vahid; Amoozad Mahdiraji, Hannan; Dana, Léo-Paul (Springer, 22.05.2021)
      Although international entrepreneurship reviews have made a significant contribution to the subject’s knowledge, researchers have not unleashed its full potential. This review provides an understanding of the deeper ...
    • A review of optical nondestructive visual and near-infrared methods for food quality and safety 

      Alander, Jarmo T.; Bochko, Vladimir; Martinkauppi, Birgitta; Saranwong, Sirinnapa; Mantere, Timo (Hindawi, 24.03.2013)
      This paper is a review of optical methods for online nondestructive food quality monitoring. The key spectral areas are the visual and near-infrared wavelengths. We have collected the information of over 260 papers published ...