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    • Taking Deliberation to the Streets : Reflections on Deliberative Walks 

      Raisio, Harri; Ehrstöm, Peter (University of Gothenburg, 2017)
      The focus of this article, a model that we call the Deliberative Walk, builds on the principles of Citizens’ Juries and Development Walks. Two case studies are used to explore the potential of uniting the two different ...
    • Talent Management in Multinational Corporations 

      Björkman, Ingmar; Ehrnrooth, Mats; Mäkelä, Kristiina; Smale, Adam; Sumelius, Jennie; Collings, David; Mellahi, Kamel; Cascio, Wayne (Oxford University Press, 01.10.2017)
      The focus of the chapter is on the practices used by multinational corporations (MNCs) to manage employees defined as ‘talent’. We examine the content of corporate practices, the actors involved in carrying out these ...
    • Talent responses to talent status awareness—Not a question of simple reciprocation 

      Ehrnrooth, Mats; Björkman, Ingmar; Mäkelä, Kristiina; Smale, Adam; Sumelius, Jennie; Taimitarha, Susanna (Wiley, 24.03.2018)
      How to manage talent effectively is a key question in organisations. Yet we still know relatively little about talent's psychological reactions to their exclusive status. Based on psychological contract theory and research ...
    • Task equivocality and process modularity in R&D offshore collaboration projects 

      Patel, Pankaj C.; Parida, Vinit; Jayaram, Jayanth; Oghazi, Pejvak (Elsevier, 30.08.2018)
      Task equivocality could be a key impediment in offshore collaboration projects. Process modularity, or the extent to which offshore collaboration tasks can be decoupled and re-sequenced with little loss of functionality ...
    • Taxonomy of Knowledge Management in Open Innovations 

      Haapalainen, Päivi; Kantola, Jussi (2015)
      This paper discusses knowledge management in an open innovation context. Open innovation is one of the most popular topics in innovation literature at the moment. Knowledge management is needed to enable inbound ...
    • Teaching LSP to technical communicators 

      Koskela, Merja; Isohella, Suvi; Humbley, John; Budin, Gerhard; Laurén, Christer (Mouton De Gruyter, 01.01.2018)
      The purpose of this article is to provide a new perspective on how technical communication competencies can be supported by the basic ideas of LSP theories and LSP research in technical communication education. A ...
    • Teaching public administrators and leaders to handle complexity 

      Raisio, Harri; Puustinen, Alisa; Vartiainen, Pirkko; Lindell, Juha; Ollila, Seija (University of Bamberg Press, 2018)
      Understanding and working under complexity has become ‘the new normal’ in public administration. Hence complexity must also be integrated into teaching and training of public administrators, not only in higher education ...
    • Technical trading rules in the cryptocurrency market 

      Grobys, Klaus; Ahmed, Shaker; Sapkota, Niranjan (Elsevier, 01.01.2020)
      This paper studies simple moving average trading strategies employing daily price data on the eleven most-traded cryptocurrencies in the 2016–2018 period. Our results indicate a variable moving average strategy is successful ...
    • Technology development process and managing uncertainties with sustainable competetive advantage approach 

      Tilabi, Sara; Tasmin, Rosmaini; Takala, Josu; Palaniappan, Ravindran; Hamid, Nor Aziati Abd; Ngadiman, Yunos (4S go, s.r.o., 2019)
      The main purpose of this research work is to assist the decision-making process which is related to technology and knowledge factor within an organization. The data has been gathered and analysed from a particular multinational ...
    • Teknisen viestinnän taidot ja tehtävät työpaikkailmoituksissa 

      Nissilä, Niina; Nuopponen, Anita (VAKKI ry, 2018)
      Yrkesbilden för teknikinformatör (eng. technical writer, technical documentation specialist) är tämligen ny i Finland och uppgifterna kring teknisk kommunikation har ofta skötts vid sidan av till exempel planerings- och ...
    • Teknologinen näkökulma (viestinnän) tutkimukseen 

      Sihvonen, Tanja; Katajamäki, Heli (VAKKI ry, 2020)
      Tässä artikkelissa pohdin median ja viestinnän tutkimusta teknologisesta näkökulmasta. Tarkastelen teknologiaa ja sen kehitystä myös laajemmin osana tieteellistä työskentelyä. Artikkelin tavoitteena on tuoda tieteellisestä ...
    • Tekoälyn yhteiskehittäminen julkisella sektorilla 

      Autioniemi, Jari (Hallinnon tutkimuksen seura, 2020)
      This article assesses the steps of AI co-creation in the public innovation ecosystem. However, in order to understand AI in the right context, two aims need to be fulfilled first. The limits and possibilities of AI in ...
    • Temperature measurements on a solar and low enthalpy geothermal open-air asphalt surface platform in a cold climate region 

      Çuhac, Caner; Mäkiranta, Anne; Välisuo, Petri; Hiltunen, Erkki; Elmusrati, Mohammed (MDPI, 21.02.2020)
      Solar heat, already captured by vast asphalt fields in urban areas, is potentially a huge energy resource. The vertical soil temperature profile, i.e., low enthalpy geothermal energy, reveals how efficiently the irradiation ...
    • Termien käsittely opinnäytetyön prosessissa 

      Nissilä, Niina; Koskela, Merja; Katajamäki, Heli (VAKKI ry, 2020)
      Tässä artikkelissa pohditaan termien kohtaamista ja käsittelyä opinnäytteen laatimisen prosessissa. Termi on määritellyn käsitteen nimitys, ja erikoisalan teksteissä käytetyt termit heijastavat erikoisalan käsitteellistä ...
    • Testing an IEC 61850-based light-weighted controller for reactive power management in smart distribution grids 

      Sirviö, Katja; Mekkanen, Mike; Kauhaniemi, Kimmo; Laaksonen, Hannu; Salo, Ari; Castro, Felipe; Ansari, Shoaib; Babazadeh, Davood (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 09.12.2019)
      Due to the large-scale integration of distributed energy resources (DER) new options for the local and system-wide technical ancillary services are needed. Reactive power control is one of such ancillary service provided ...
    • Textual artefacts at the centre of sensemaking : the use of discursive-material resources in constructing joint understanding in organisational workshops 

      Nissi, Riikka; Pälli, Pekka (SAGE Publishing, 19.12.2019)
      The article examines the role of discourse in organisational sensemaking. By building links between the theorising undertaken within organisational studies and the empirical analysis of multimodal social interaction, it ...
    • The black ocean strategy in Thailand logistic industry 

      Nithisathian, Kittichok; Takala, Josu; Srisuk, Thanawat; Cai, Yuanfeng; Goerlich, Martin; Daengrasmisopon, Thittapong (4S go, s.r.o, 01.03.2020)
      The logistic is the core of Thai economy. While many business authors are focused on blue ocean strategy in pursuit of tapping into uncontested market space by using differentiation and low cost. There is another strategy ...
    • The business model of social banks 

      Cornée, Simon; Kalmi, Panu; Szafarz, Ariane (Wiley, 20.12.2019)
      Based on an extensive literature review, this paper proposes to define social banks (SBs) as social enterprises that run banking activities with the social mission of supplying credit to other social enterprises, which are ...
    • The computational efficiency of Monte Carlo breakage of articles using serial and parallel processing : a comparison 

      Devi, Jherna; Kumar, Jagdesh (The Science and Information (SAI) Organization, 2019)
      This paper presents a GPU-based parallelized and a CPU-based serial Monte-Carlo method for breakage of a particle. We compare the efficiency of the graphic card’s graphics processing unit (GPU) and the general-purpose ...
    • The Concept of Alternative Facts 

      Lehtonen, Tommi (VAKKI ry, 2018)
      Tässä artikkelissa tehdään selkoa vaihtoehtoisen totuuden käsitteestä. Tulokseksi saadaan vaihtoehtoisen totuuden 18 merkitystä, jotka eivät ole toisiaan poissulkevia vaan osittain päällekkäisiä. Tarkastelu perustuu ...