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    • Obtaining entity-specific information and dealing with uncertainty : Financial accountants' response to their changing work of financial reporting and the role of boundary objects 

      Lantto, Anna-Maija (Elsevier, 11.12.2020)
      Although recent academic debate highlights that production of financial statements is challenging from financial accountants’ perspective, little is known about the social situation in which those statements are produced. ...
    • Of BI research : a tale of two communities 

      Talaoui, Yassine; Kohtamäki, Marko (Emerald, 02.05.2020)
      The Business intelligence (BI) literature is in flux, yet the knowledge about its varying theoretical roots remains elusive. This state of affairs draws from two different scientific communities (informatics and business) ...
    • Offering strategy of thermal-photovoltaic-storage based generation company in day-ahead market 

      Khaloie, Hooman; Abdollahi, Amir; Nojavan, Sayyad; Shafie-Khah, Miadreza; Anvari-Moghaddam, Amjad; Siano, Pierluigi; Catalão, João P. S.; Nojavan, Sayyad; Zare, Kazem (Springer, Cham, 11.03.2020)
      Designing appropriate strategies for the participation of generation companies (GenCos) in the electricity markets has always been a concern for researchers. Generally, a set of dispatchable and non-dispatchable units ...
    • Oil and non-energy commodity markets : an empirical analysis of volatility spillovers and hedging effectiveness 

      Dutta, Anupam; Noor, Hasib (Cogent OA, an imprint of Taylor & Francis, 05.05.2017)
      Although a large number of empirical papers have examined the price spillover in global oil and non-energy commodity markets, very little is known about the volatility transmission between these two markets. The present ...
    • Omission of quality software development practices : a systematic literature review 

      Ghanbari, Hadi; Vartiainen, Tero; Siponen, Mikko (Association for Computing Machinery, 02 / 2018)
      Software deficiencies are minimized by utilizing recommended software development and quality assurance practices. However, these recommended practices (i.e., quality practices) become ineffective if software professionals ...
    • On aika puhua hallinnon vastuullisuudesta 

      Autioniemi, Jari (Tieteellisten seurain valtuuskunta, 14.02.2019)
      Julkisen talouden rahoituskriisi, robotisaatio, ilmastonmuutos, veroparatiisit ja yleinen epävarmuuden kasvu ovat esimerkkejä, joiden ratkaiseminen edellyttää vastuullista julkishallintoa. Aivan kuin julkishallinnon ...
    • On industry momentum strategies 

      Grobys, Klaus; Kolari, James (Southern Finance AssociationSouthwestern Finance AssociationWiley, 10.12.2019)
      In this article, we investigate industry momentum strategies. We find that industry portfolios that outperformed in the previous month generate on average significantly higher returns in the holding period than those that ...
    • On the conditional small ball property of multivariate Lévy-driven moving average processes 

      Pakkanen, Mikko S.; Sottinen, Tommi; Yazigi, Adil (Elsevier, 01.03.2017)
      We study whether a multivariate Lévy-driven moving average process can shadow arbitrarily closely any continuous path, starting from the present value of the process, with positive conditional probability, which we call ...
    • On the Importance of Queer Romances - Role-play as Exploration and Performance of Sexuality 

      Sihvonen, Tanja; Stenros, Jaakko (2019)
      This article investigates various kinds of analog and digital role-playing games (RPG) from the perspective of queer romance. We are interested in finding out how ‘queer’ appears in the composition of role-playing games ...
    • On the intraday dynamics of oil price and exchange rate: What can we learn from China and India? 

      Ahmad, Wasim; Prakash, Ravi; Uddin, Gazi Salah; Chahal, Rishman Jot Kaur; Rahman, Md Lutfur; Dutta, Anupam (Elsevier, 01.09.2020)
      The main aim of this paper is to investigate the volatility determinants of crude oil and foreign exchange markets and jump spillover between them. We consider currencies of two major oil-importing countries (India and ...
    • On the Product Development Times in various Market Properties 

      Al Kindi, Mahmood; Summad, Emad; Shamsuzzoha, Ahm (IEEE, 24.10.2019)
      In this paper we present a decision analytic to analyze different product development scenarios and obtain the optimal recommendation on the product development time. These scenarios differ in many aspects such as the ...
    • On the road to digital servitization : The (dis)continuous interplay between business model and digital technology 

      Chen, Yihua; Visnjic, Ivanka; Parida, Vinit; Zhang, Zhengang (Academy of Management, 13.08.2021)
      Purpose The authors seek to understand the process of digital servitization as a shift of manufacturing companies from the provision of standard products and services to smart solutions. Specifically, the authors focus ...
    • On the stability of stablecoins 

      Grobys, Klaus; Junttila, Juha; Kolari, James W.; Sapkota, Niranjan (Elsevier, 17.09.2021)
      This paper investigates the volatility processes of stablecoins and their potential stochastic interdependencies with Bitcoin volatility. We employ a novel approach to choose the optimal combination for the power law ...
    • Online condition monitoring of MV cable feeders using Rogowski coil sensors for PD measurements 

      Shafiq, Muhammad; Kauhaniemi, Kimmo; Robles, Guillermo; Isa, Muzamir; Kumpulainen, Lauri (Elsevier, 01.02.2019)
      Condition monitoring is a highly effective prognostic tool for incipient insulation degradation to avoid sudden failures of electrical components and to keep the power network in operation. Improved operational performance ...
    • Ontology focused crowdsourcing management 

      Sivula, Ari; Kantola, Jussi (Elsevier, 2015)
      Companies should be aware of the market situation and have a connection to customers, possible customers, and other individuals around a company. Crowdsourcing is the act of going inside or outside of the ...
    • Open strategy in a smart city 

      Einola, Suvi; Kohtamäki, Marko; Hietikko, Harri (Carleton University, 01.09.2019)
      To attract new companies and a talented workforce in a way that increases income streams, cities are searching for strategic capabilities by using a variety of strategic practices. The present study participates in the ...
    • Operation and Efficiency Analysis of a 5-level Single-Phase Hybrid Si/SiC Active Neutral Point Clamped Converter 

      Najjar, Mohammad; Shahparasti, Mahdi; Kouchaki, Alireza; Nymand, Morten (IEEE, 16.08.2021)
      The ability to improve both the size and efficiency of multilevel single-phase converters is a key to uplift them as an attractive solution for industries, while the high number of switches and complex modulation techniques ...
    • Operational calculus for rows, columns, and blocks of linear relations 

      Hassi, Seppo; Labrousse, Jean-Philippe; de Snoo, Henk (Springer, 22.06.2020)
      Columns and rows are operations for pairs of linear relations in Hilbert spaces, modelled on the corresponding notions of the componentwise sum and the usual sum of such pairs. The introduction of matrices whose entries ...
    • Operational competitiveness development in turbulent business environment: a case study in Thailand fine gold jewelry export industry 

      Nithisathian, Kittichok; Takala, Josu; Rattanakomut, Somchai; Walsh, John; Wu, Qian; Liu, Yang (Polish Association for Production Management, 09 / 2012)
      The purpose of this paper is to identify and analyze strategy towards Thailand production service industry. Various tools are applied in the paper, including five force analysis, diamond of nation, and sense and respond ...
    • Operational profile based optimization method for maritime diesel engines 

      Nguyen, Hoang Khac; Zenger, Kai; Storm, Xiaoguo; Hyvönen, Jari (MDPI, 19.05.2020)
      This paper presents an approach to a new engine calibration method that takes the engine’s operational profile into account. This method has two main steps: modeling and optimization. The Design of Experiments method is ...