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    • Nachhaltigkeitsberichtspraxis in Veränderung : dargestellt an Beispielen deutscher und finnischer Unternehmen 

      Enell-Nilsson, Mona; Koskela, Merja (2018)
      I artikeln granskas tyska och finländska bolags hållbarhetsredovisning och hur EU-direktivet 2014/95/EU har påverkat hållbarhetsredovisningen. Det nya direktivet trädde i kraft från verksamhetsåret 2017 och gör ...
    • Narrative frames and framing narratives – the role of non-journalists in narrative news discourse 

      Tuunanen, Yrjö; Hirsto, Heidi (VAKKI ry, 2019)
      Narrativity and transparency in news journalism can be seen as responses to the changing mediascape where various actors compete for claims to truth. However, the relationship of narrativity, transparency, and truth, is ...
    • Narrative Network as a Method to Understand the Evolution of Smart Solutions 

      Einola, Suvi; Kohtamäki, Marko; Rabetino, Rodrigo; Kohtamäki, Marko; Baines, Tim; Rabetino, Rodrigo; Ziaee Bigdeli, Ali; Kowalkowski, Christian; Oliva, Rogelio; Parida, Vinit (Palgrave Macmillan, 27.07.2021)
      This article introduces a narrative network as a method to understand the evolution of smart solutions. The interconnection between social and material in our organizational lives, and the tremendously rapid rise of digital ...
    • Narsistinen johtajuus sosiaali- ja terveysalalla 

      Ollila, Seija; Kujala, Anne (Hallinnon tutkimuksen seura, 2018)
      Narsistinen käyttäytyminen on kompleksista ja tuhoavaa, mutta ongelmallista on sen huomioi­ minen rekrytoitaessa johtajia. Artikkelissa tar­ kastellaan narsistista johtajuutta sosiaali­ ja ter­veysalalla. Tutkimus perustuu ...
    • Natural gas-diesel reactivity controlled compression ignition with negative valve overlap and in-cylinder fuel reforming 

      Mikulski, Maciej; Balakrishnan, Praveen Ramanujam; Hunicz, Jacek (Elsevier, 15.11.2019)
      Dual-fuel reactivity controlled compression ignition combustion offers potentially superior overall efficiency and ultra-low nitrogen oxides and soot emissions. Using natural gas as the low reactivity fuel also provides ...
    • “Nature Is Dope” : Timothy Olson and Athletic Masculinity in Nature 

      Salovaara, Harri (Oxford University PressAssociation for the Study of Literature and Environment, 12.08.2021)
      The emergence of ecofeminism in the last four decades has coincided with the development within critical studies on men and masculinities (CSMM) of various types of conceptual frameworks such as hegemonic masculinity ...
    • Negative emotions set in motion : the continued relevance of #GamerGate 

      Mortensen, Torill Elvira; Sihvonen, Tanja; Holt, Thomas J.; Bossler, Adam M. (Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, 19.10.2019)
      This chapter aims at making sense of the #GamerGate (#GG) online harassment campaign that was particularly active in 2014–2015 but to this day continues to produce hateful speech against certain ideologies and minorities ...
    • Neolocalism and Beyond - Sexing Up Rural Places 

      Honkaniemi, Tuomas; Syrjälä, Henna; Lundström, Niklas; Rajala, Arto (Wiley, 2021)
      In this paper, we revise the concept of neolocalism by showing how companies that sex up rural places update and add novel nuances to neolocalist marketing. As the positive aspects drawn from tradition, stories and history ...
    • Neolokalismista kohti maaseudun paikkaseksikkyyttä - Millaista tarinaa yritykset kertovat maaseudusta? 

      Honkaniemi, Tuomas; Lundström, Niklas; Viinamäki, Olli-Pekka (Suomen maantieteellinen seura, 17.07.2019)
      In this article, we present the concept of sexing up places through interviews with nine companies in order to produce new kind of interpretation of Finnish rural. The theoretical background of this new concept is based ...
    • Network-constrained joint energy and flexible ramping reserve market clearing of power- and heat-based energy systems : a two-stage hybrid IGDT-stochastic framework 

      Mirzaei, Mohammad Amin; Nazari-Heris, Morteza; Mohammadi-Ivatloo, Behnam; Zare, Kazem; Marzband, Mousa; Shafie-Khah, Miadreza; Anvari-Moghaddam, Amjad; Catalão, João P. S. (IEEE, 08.06.2020)
      This article proposes a new two-stage hybrid stochastic–information gap-decision theory (IGDT) based on the network-constrained unit commitment framework. The model is applied for the market clearing of joint energy and ...
    • Neural network-based vehicle image classification for IoT devices 

      Payvar, Saman; Khan, Mir; Stahl, Rafael; Mueller-Gritschneder, Daniel; Boutellier, Jani (IEEE, 05.03.2020)
      Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) have previously provided unforeseen results in automatic image analysis and interpretation, an area which has numerous applications in both consumer electronics and industry. However, ...
    • News-based Equity Market Uncertainty and Crude Oil Volatility 

      Dutta, Anupam; Bouri, Elie; Saeed, Tareq (Elsevier, 01.05.2021)
      Previous studies indicate that the US equity market implied volatility index (VIX) impacts the crude oil market volatility. However, the VIX typically reflects macroeconomic fluctuations, little affected by social media ...
    • Niṣkāmakarma : a philosophical analysis in light of the prisoner's dilemma and the concept of degrowth 

      Lehtonen, Tommi (Society for Indian Philosophy and Religion, 12 / 2019)
      The prisoner's dilemma famously shows that individuals seeking their own benefit end up with a worse outcome than could be achieved through cooperation. This dilemma provides an effective but neglected method for the study ...
    • Niṣkāmakarma and the Prisoner’s Dilemma 

      Lehtonen, Tommi (Springer, 14.07.2020)
      The Bhagavadgītā, part of the sixth book of the Hindu epic The Mahābhārata, offers a practical approach to mokṣa, or liberation, and freedom from saṃsāra, or the cycle of death and rebirth. According to the approach, known ...
    • Non-Directional Earth Fault Passage Indication in Isolated Neutral Distribution Networks 

      Farughian, Amir; Kumpulainen, Lauri; Kauhaniemi, Kimmo (MDPI, 11.09.2020)
      In this paper, two new methods for locating single-phase to ground faults in isolated neutral distribution networks are proposed. The methods are based on the analysis of symmetrical sequence currents. They are solely based ...
    • Non-native accent in intersemiotic theatre translation 

      Aaltonen, Sirkku; Hartama-Heinonen, Ritva; Kukkonen, Pirjo (University of Helsinki, Nordica/Department of Finnish, Finno-Ugrian and Scandinavian Studies, Swedish Translation Studies, 04.03.2020)
      The study of theatre translation has remained marginal among the fields in translation studies. There are so many variables, the objects themselves are absent, and the moment of production is the moment of consumption. ...
    • Non-technical loss detection in limited-data low-voltage distribution feeders 

      Firoozi, Hooman; Mashhadi, Habib Rajabi (Elsevier, 03.09.2021)
      Non-technical loss (NTL) is the major source of energy loss in distribution networks. Since the direct calculation of NTL is impossible, it is mostly being obtained by calculating the difference between total loss and ...
    • Nonvolatile ultrafine particles observed to form trimodal size distributions in non-road diesel engine exhaust 

      Kuuluvainen, Heino; Karjalainen, Panu; Saukko, Erkka; Ovaska, Teemu; Sirviö, Katriina; Honkanen, Mari; Olin, Miska; Niemi, Seppo; Keskinen, Jorma; Rönkkö, Topi (Taylor&Francis, 31.07.2020)
      Some recent findings regarding the negative health effects of particulate matter increase the relevance of the detailed characteristics of particulate emissions from different sources and especially the nonvolatile fraction ...
    • Novel protection approach for MV microgrid 

      Voima, Sampo; Kauhaniemi, Kimmo; Laaksonen, Hannu (CIRED, 06.06.2011)
      The amount of distributed generation (DG) connected to medium voltage (MV) networks is expected to increase continuously. This trend creates a good opportunity to use MV feeders as microgrids. Normally ...
    • Nuorten eurooppalaisten kansalaisaktivismi ja yhteiskunnallinen osallisuus 

      Kultalahti, Susanna (Nuorisotutkimusseura, 31.12.2019)