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    • Factor momentum, option-implied volatility scaling, and investor sentiment 

      Grobys, Klaus; Kolari, James W.; Rutanen, Jere (Palgrave Macmillan, 03.07.2021)
      Factor momentum produces robust average returns that exhibit a similar economic magnitude as stock price momentum. To the extent that the post-earnings announcement drift (PEAD) factor captures mispricing, winner factors ...
    • Factor Retention Decisions in Exploratory Factor Analysis Results: A Study Type of Knowledge Management Process at Malaysian University Libraries 

      Che Rusuli, M. S.; Tasmin, R.; Takala, J.; Norazlin, H. (Canadian Center of Science and Education, 2013)
      Structural equation modeling (SEM) is a versatile statistical modeling tool which uses in the social sciences research. Recently, in Library and Information Science (LIS) environment, structural ...
    • Factorized sectorial relations, their maximal-sectorial extensions, and form sums 

      Hassi, Seppo; Sandovici, Adrian; de Snoo, Henk (Springer, 25.05.2019)
      In this paper we consider sectorial operators, or more generally, sectorial relations and their maximal-sectorial extensions in a Hilbert space H. Our particular interest is in sectorial relations S, which can be expressed ...
    • Factors Influencing Households’ Intention to Adopt Solar PV : A Systematic Review 

      Shakeel, Shah Rukh; Rajala, Arto; Kantola, Jussi; Nazir, Salman; Salminen, Vesa (Springer, 01.07.2020)
      Rising energy needs, concerns of energy security, mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, climate change phenomenon and a push to utilize indigenous sources for energy generation purposes has encouraged the use of solar ...
    • Fast Demagnetization and Vibration Reduction in Switched Reluctance Motor Drive System 

      Sadeghi, Zahra; Nejad, Sayed Morteza Saghaian; Rashidi, Amir; Shahparasti, Mahdi (IEEE, 09.08.2021)
      In this paper, a Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) drive system is proposed to make a trade-off between torque profile and vibration amplitude. In the proposed drive system, the power factor correction and fast demagnetization ...
    • Fast fixed-point bicubic interpolation algorithm on FPGA 

      Koljonen, Janne; Bochko, Vladimir A.; Lauronen, Sami J.; Alander, Jarmo T.; Nurmi, Jari; Ellervee, Peeter; Halonen, Kari; Röning, Juha (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 21.11.2019)
      We propose a fast fixed-point algorithm for bicubic interpolation on FPGA. Bicubic interpolation algorithms on FPGA are mainly used in image processing systems and based on floating-point calculation. In these systems, ...
    • Fault Current Level Analysis of Future Microgrids with High Penetration Level of Power Electronic-Based Generation 

      Khan, Hussain Sarwar; Fuad, Khaled Syfullah; Karimi, Mazaher; Kauhaniemi, Kimmo (IEEE, 13.09.2021)
      The integration of power electronics-based generation has increased in the medium voltage (MV) level of the distribution networks, nowadays. It is obvious that the contribution level of this type of source is providing a ...
    • Fault current limiting investigation for a single-phase dynamic voltage conditioner 

      Faranda, Roberto; Bahrami, Ali; Hafezi, Hossein (IEEE, 26.08.2019)
      Fault Current Limiting (FCL), applied in fault current condition, is a strategy to reduce network voltage disturbances. The objective of this research is to investigate different FCL approaches for Dynamic Voltage Conditioner ...
    • Fault type and location detection in islanded microgrid with different control methods based converters 

      Laaksonen, Hannu; Kauhaniemi, Kimmo (CIRED, 21.05.2007)
      In this paper the fault type and location detection in an islanded low voltage (LV) distribution network based microgrid with converters applying different control methods is studied. In the ...
    • Feasibility of New Liquid Fuel Blends for Medium-Speed Engines 

      Sirviö, Katriina; Niemi, Seppo; Heikkilä, Sonja; Kiijärvi, Jukka; Hissa, Michaela; Hiltunen, Erkki (Molecular Diversity Preservation International (MDPI), 20.07.2019)
      Several sustainable liquid fuel alternatives are needed for different compression ignition (CI) engine applications. In the present study, five different fuel blends were investigated. Rapeseed methyl ester (RME) was used ...
    • Female leadership and bank risk-taking : Evidence from the effects of real estate shocks on bank lending performance and default risk 

      Palvia, Ajay; Vähämaa, Emilia; Vähämaa, Sami (Elsevier, 01.09.2020)
      This paper examines whether banks with female Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and chairpersons of the board are associated with better lending performance and lower default risk when faced with severe real estate price ...
    • Financial development, government bond returns, and stability : International evidence 

      Boubaker, Sabri; Nguyen, Duc Khuong; Piljak, Vanja; Savvides, Andreas (Elsevier, 01.07.2019)
      This paper investigates the effect of financial development on government bond returns in developed and emerging markets under different market conditions. Using a quantile regression framework for quarterly panel data ...
    • Financial development, government bond returns, and stability : International evidence 

      Boubaker, Sabri; Nguyen, Duc Khuong; Piljak, Vanja; Savvides, Andreas (Elsevier, 22.02.2019)
      This paper investigates the effect of financial development on government bond returns in developed and emerging markets under different market conditions. Using a quantile regression framework for quarterly panel data ...
    • Financial literacy and retirement planning in Finland 

      Kalmi, Panu; Ruuskanen, Olli-Pekka (Cambridge University Press, 18.07.2018)
      This paper presents the results from the first study of financial literacy in Finland and explores the relationship between financial literacy and retirement planning in Finland. Finland is an interesting case because ...
    • Financial Reporting : Long-Term Change of Financial Ratios 

      Laitinen, Erkki K. (Scientific Research Publishing, 04.09.2018)
      Financial ratios are constructed mathematically as a ratio of numerator and denominator taken from financial statements (income statement or balance sheet). They are useful indicators of financial performance of a firm. ...
    • Finland - Implementing a Global Diversity Management Initiative in Finland 

      Smale, Adam; Björkman, Ingmar; Säntti, Risto; Sivasubramanian, Narashima Boopathi; Castro Christiansen, Liza; Biron, Michal; Farndale, Elaine; Kuvaas, Bård (Routledge, 04.08.2017)
      Finland is the leading or near the top of many international comparisons in terms of growth and development in the economic, technological and social spheres. Despite changes in recent years, the Finnish economy remains ...
    • Finnish enterprises and perceptions for economic decline 

      Brandt, Tiina (Sam Houston State University, 2017)
      The Finnish Company Reorganization Act (FCRA) came into force on February 8, 1993. According to this legislation, a reorganization program may be undertaken in order to rehabilitate a distressed debtor’s viable business, ...
    • Finnish SMEs and the development of the innovative collaboration platform 

      Zafar, Afnan; Kantola, Jussi; Sivula, Ari; Kwegyir-Afful, Ebo; Lotchi, Kodjovi; Bitran, Iain; Conn, Steffen; Gernreich, Chris; Heber, Michelle; Huizingh, K.R.E.; Kokshagina, Olga; Torkkeli, Marko; Tynnhammar, Marcus (The International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM), 2019)
      Global patterns of innovative platforms for the collaboration of SMEs have resulted in the formation of SME ecosystems to connect with new markets. Finland is an innovative country, trying its best to form a national SME ...
    • Firm boundaries in servitization : Interplay and repositioning practices 

      Huikkola, Tuomas; Rabetino, Rodrigo; Kohtamäki, Marko; Gebauer, Heiko (Elsevier, 15.07.2020)
      The present study analyzes how servitization delineates a manufacturer's boundaries. Based on interviews with 57 senior managers and extensive secondary data collected from four global solution providers, this study ...
    • Firm failure processes and components of failure risk : an analysis of European bankrupt firms 

      Lukason, Oliver; Laitinen, Erkki (Elsevier, 05.06.2018)
      This paper aims to extract firm failure processes (FFPs) by using failure risk and rank the importance of failure risk contributors for different stages of FFPs. The dataset is composed of 1234 bankrupt firms from different ...