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    • Cancer Modeling-on-a-Chip with Future Artificial Intelligence Integration 

      Fetah, Kirsten Lee; DiPardo, Benjamin J.; Kongadzem, Eve-Mary; Tomlinson, James S.; Elzagheid, Adam; Elmusrati, Mohammed; Khademhosseini, Ali; Ashammakhi, Nureddin (Wiley, 13.11.2019)
      Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, despite the large efforts to improve the understanding of cancer biology and development of treatments. The attempts to improve cancer treatment are limited by the ...
    • Career Success in Different Countries : Reflections on the 5C Project 

      Briscoe, Jon; Dickmann, Michael; Hall, Tim; Parry, Emma; Mayrhofer, Wolfgang; Smale, Adam; Dickmann, Michael; Suutari, Vesa; Wurtz, Olivier (Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, 26.05.2018)
    • Careers in context : an international study of career goals as mesostructure between societies' career-related human potential and proactive career behaviour 

      Andresen, Maike; Apospori, Eleni; Gunz, Hugh; Suzanne, Pamela Agata; Taniguchi, Mami; Lysova, Evgenia I.; Adeleye, Ifedapo; Babalola, Olusegun; Bagdadli, Silvia; Bakuwa, Rhoda; Bogićević Milikić, Biljana; Bosak, Janine; Briscoe, Jon P.; Cha, Jong‐Seok; Chudzikowski, Katharina; Cotton, Richard; Dello Russo, Silvia; Dickmann, Michael; Dries, Nicky; Dysvik, Anders; Eggenhofer‐Rehart, Petra; Fei, Zhangfeng; Ferencikova, Sonia; Gianecchini, Martina; Gubler, Martin; Hackett, Denisa; Hall, Douglas T.; Jepsen, Denise; Çakmak‐Otluoğlu, Kadriye Övgü; Kaše, Robert; Khapova, Svetlana; Kim, Najung; Lazarova, Mila; Lehmann, Philip; Madero, Sergio; Mandel, Debbie; Mayrhofer, Wolfgang; Mishra, Sushanta Kumar; Naito, Chikae; Nikodijevic, Ana D.; Parry, Emma; Reichel, Astrid; Rozo Posada, Paula Liliana; Saher, Noreen; Saxena, Richa; Schleicher, Nanni; Shen, Yan; Schramm, Florian; Smale, Adam; Unite, Julie; Verbruggen, Marijke; Zikic, Jelena (Wiley, 12.11.2019)
      Careers exist in a societal context that offers both constraints and opportunities for career actors. Whereas most studies focus on proximal individual and/or organisational‐level variables, we provide insights into how ...
    • Careers of highly educated self-initiated expatriates : observations from studies among Finnish business professionals 

      Brewster, Chris; Mäkelä, Liisa; Suutari, Vesa; Habti, Driss; Elo, Maria (Springer, Cham, 18.09.2018)
      This chapter reviews existing literature about the careers of self-initiated expatriates and analyzes the different studies carried out among university level educated Finnish business professionals. A series of studies ...
    • Changing patterns in the process of digital transformation initiative in established firms : the case of an energy sector company 

      Dang, Duong; Vartiainen, Tero (Association for Information Systems (AIS), 03.06.2020)
      Rapid digitalization and technological change are disrupting traditionally successful business models. This motivates firms to adopt new strategies based on digital technologies; such new strategies are often referred to ...
    • Choice overload and asymmetric regret 

      Buturak, Gökhan; Evren, Özgür (Wiley, 22.09.2017)
      We propose a model of “choice overload,” which refers to a stronger tendency to select the default option in larger choice problems. Our main finding is a behavioral characterization of an asymmetric regret representation ...
    • Circular Business Models for the Bio-Economy : A Review and New Directions for Future Research 

      Reim, Wiebke; Parida, Vinit; Sjödin, David R (MDPI, 03.05.2019)
      Circular and bio-economy represents a political and industrial initiative to ensure that our society can rely on renewable biological sources while achieving economic growth. However, there is a need to critical review how ...
    • Circular economy inspired imaginaries for sustainable innovations 

      Narayan, Rumy; Tidström, Annika; Bocken, Nancy; Ritala, Paavo; Albareda, Laura; Verburg, Robert (Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, 23.02.2019)
      In this chapter, Narayan and Tidström draw on the concept of imaginaries to show how Circular Economy (CE) can facilitate values that enable sustainable innovation. Innovation is key for sustainability, however, understanding ...
    • Citizen science in information systems research : evidence from a systematic literature review 

      Mäkipää, Juho-Pekka; Dang, Duong; Mäenpää, Teemu; Pasanen, Tomi (07.01.2020)
      Citizen science refers to partnerships between scientists and the public in scientific research. Citizen science is considered as an emerging approach for conducting research in the field of information systems (IS). However, ...
    • Civic voice in multimodal news narratives 

      Tuunanen, Yrjö; Hirsto, Heidi; Patrona, Marianna (John Benjamins Publishing, 22.02.2018)
      In this chapter, we examine civic voice in visual news narratives about the economic crisis. We discuss how the possibility of voice may be linked to particular practices in multimodal news discourse. We analyze captioned ...
    • Civil service reform and ethics 

      Demmke, Christoph; Farazmand, Ali (Springer, 09.05.2019)
      Evaluation of how morality and ethics are represented in the discourse about the reform of human resource management and in the context of new governance reforms
    • Cloud manufacturing system for sheet metal processing 

      Helo, Petri; Hao, Yuqiuge (Taylor & Francis, 17.05.2017)
      Cloud computing is changing the way industries and enterprises run their businesses. Cloud manufacturing is emerging as an approach to transform the traditional manufacturing business model, while helping the manufacturer ...
    • Cloud manufacturing – scheduling as a service for sheet metal manufacturing 

      Helo, Petri; Phuong, Duy; Hao, Yuqiuge (Elsevier, 01.10.2018)
      Cloud manufacturing refers to a new concept of using centralized cloud computing for manufacturing information systems to support distributed and dynamic collaborative manufacturing environment. The core of cloud manufacturing ...
    • Cloud platforms for remote monitoring system : a comparative case study 

      Hao, Yuiuge; Helo, Petri; Gunasekaran, Angappa (Taylor & Francis, 04.12.2019)
      Currently, industrial companies are increasingly introducing services to extend their tangible products. Remote monitoring solutions are one of the most implemented services by machine builders to manage their relationship ...
    • Cluster and R&D affecting the competitive advantage of the mould and die sector in the Thai automotive industry 

      Fongsuwan, Wanno; Chamsuk, Wawmayura; Tawinunt, Kanjana; Tiengtavaj, Sirorath; Dansomboon, Suwaj; Takala, Josu (De Gruyter Open, 12 / 2017)
      This study concerned clusters as well as research and development affecting the competitive advantage of the Thai automotive industry’s mould and die sector. The study of development, examination of the consistency of the ...
    • Co-operation of electricity and natural gas systems including electric vehicles and variable renewable energy sources based on a continuous-time model approach 

      Nikoobakhta, Ahmad; Aghaei, Jamshi; Shafie-khah, Miadreza; Catalão, João P.S. (Elsevier, 01.06.2020)
      This paper proposes a stochastic framework to augment the integration of variable renewable energy sources (VRESs) in power system scheduling. In this way, the fast-response capability of gas-fired generator units (GFGUs) ...
    • Co-optimization of transmission switching and variable reactance devices control under worst-case wind uncertainty 

      Nikoobakht, Ahmad; Aghaei, Jamshid; Lotfi, Mohamed; Osório, Gerardo J.; Shafie-khah, Miadreza; Catalão, João P. S. (IEEE, 05.12.2019)
      The work reported in this paper jointly addresses two major challenges in modern power systems: 1) systematically maximizing wind power generation (WPG) utilization under worst-case uncertainty and 2) employing mixed ...
    • Coaching for career capital development : A study of expatriates' narratives 

      Salomaa, Raija; Mäkelä, Liisa (Oxford Brookes University, 01.02.2017)
      This study explores, through stories, how coaching supports the development of expatriates’ career capital; it is the first empirical investigation in this area. A narrative analysis was conducted to explore semi-structured ...
    • Cointegration and nonlinear causality among ethanol-related prices : evidence from Brazil 

      Dutta, Anupam (Wiley, 16.12.2017)
      The objective of this study was to investigate the causal relationships among crude oil, ethanol and sugar prices in the context of Brazil. In doing so, we consider the application of ARDL bound tests to examine whether ...
    • Collective Impact Partnership and Backbone Organizations as Enablers of Children’s Well-Being 

      Virtanen, Petri; Ristikari, Tiina; Niemelä, Mika; Leal Filho, Walter; Azul, Anabela Marisa; Brandli, Luciana; Salvia, Amanda Lange; Wall, Tony (Springer, 28.08.2020)
      In this article, the question of partnership is approached from a perspective centred around the creation of a common agenda based on trust and from the children´s point of view. Partnership and collaboration have traditionally ...