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    • Balancing learning and knowledge protection in university-industry collaborations 

      Kunttu, Leena; Neuvo, Yrjö (Emerald, 04.02.2019)
      Purpose: The purpose of this study is to examine the tension between learning and protection in university-industry relationships (UIRs) and, in particular, to identify practices that facilitate ways of coping with this ...
    • Barriers, drivers, and public support instruments on international business development among manufacturing SMEs in Finland 

      Yli-Viitala, Pirjo; Arrasvuori, Juha; Wathen, Pertti (University of Vaasa, 2019)
      International business development is critical to manufacturing SMEs since these businesses need to extend their markets internationally in order to stay in the competition. Many barriers, drivers, and regional public ...
    • Behavior of B20 fuels in arctic conditions 

      Sirviö, Katriina; Niemi, Seppo; Help, Riikka; Heikkilä, Sonja; Hiltunen, Erkki (Estonian Agricultural University, Faculty of Agronomy, 2019)
      Several renewable and sustainable liquid fuel alternatives are needed for different compression-ignition (CI) engine applications to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and to ensure proper primary energy sources for the ...
    • Benchmarking Q-learning methods for intelligent network orchestration in the edge 

      Reijonen, Joel; Opsenica, Miljenko; Kauppinen, Tero; Komu, Miika; Kjällman, Jimmy; Mecklin, Tomas; Hiltunen, Eero; Arkko, Jari; Simanainen, Timo; Elmusrati, Mohammed (IEEE, 13.05.2020)
      We benchmark Q-learning methods, with various action selection strategies, in intelligent orchestration of the network edge. Q-learning is a reinforcement learning technique that aims to find optimal action policies by ...
    • Benchmarking supplier development : an empirical case study of validating a framework to improve buyer-supplier relationship 

      Shahzad, Khuram; Sillanpää, Ilkka; Sillanpää, Elina; Imeri, Shpend (De Gruyter Open, 17.02.2016)
      In today’s dynamic business environment, firms are required to utilize efficiently and effectively all the useful resources to gain competitive advantage. Supplier development has evolved as an important strategic instrument ...
    • Bilingual formal meeting as a context of translatoriality 

      Koskela, Merja; Koskinen, Kaisa; Pilke, Nina (John Benjamins Publishing Company, 20.09.2017)
      Drawing on the concept of translatorial action by Justa Holz-Mänttäri, this article sets out to analyse the role of translation in a bilingual formal meeting without any professional translation or interpreting. The analysis ...
    • Biomass Accumulation of Chlorella Zofingiensis G1 Cultures Grown Outdoors in Photobioreactors 

      Huo, Shuhao; Wang, Zhongming; Zhu, Shunni; Shu, Qing; Zhu, Liandong; Qin, Lei; Zhou, Weizheng; Feng, Pingzhong; Zhu, Feifei; Yuan, Zhenhong; Dong, Renjie (Frontiers Media, 14.06.2018)
      The complicated and changeable weather conditions and pest invasion increase difficulties in outdoor microalgae cultivation. In this paper, outdoor microalgae cultivation experiments were investigated in Foshan city, South ...
    • Blockchains for accelerating open innovation systems for sustainability transitions 

      Narayan, Rumy; Tidström, Annika; Swan, Melanie; Potts, Jason; Takagi, Soichiro; Witte, Frank; Tasca, Paolo (World Scientific Publishing Company, 01.02.2019)
      Challenges related to climate change, inequality, environmental degradation, and resource scarcity threaten our ability to sustain ourselves while ensuring an equal and prosperous future. The inherent complexity and ...
    • Blockchains in operations and supply chains : a model and reference implementation 

      Helo, Petri; Hao, Yuqiuge (Elsevier, 31.10.2019)
      Blockchain is a promising information technology which can provide several potential applications related to operations and supply chains. By using distributed software architecture and advanced computing, blockchain can ...
    • Boundary Negotiations in a Self-Organized Grassroots-Led Food Network : The Case of REKO in Finland 

      Ehrnström-Fuentes, Maria; Leipämaa-Leskinen, Hanna (MDPI, 31.07.2019)
      Self-organization is a term that is increasingly used to describe how engaged citizens come together to create sustainable food systems at the local community level. Yet, there is a lack of understanding of what this ...
    • Bringing Nordic Slush to Asia : entrepreneurial internationalization of an NGO as a social movement 

      Galkina, Tamara; Yang, Man (Elsevier, 24.08.2020)
      We explore the internationalization of Slush, an entrepreneurship-promoting NGO from Finland that expanded to Japan, China, and Singapore. We incorporate the social movement theory that allows revealing special mechanisms ...
    • Building trust in the sharing economy : current approaches and future considerations 

      Räisänen, Jaana; Ojala, Arto; Tuovinen, Tero (Elsevier, 10.01.2021)
      The sharing economy could be an answer to the challenge of sustainability; it can facilitate the sharing and reuse of resources, create new ways of earning money, and enhance social connections. For example, by reducing ...
    • Business models in servitization 

      Huikkola, Tuomas; Kohtamäki, Marko; Kohtamäki, Marko; Baines, Tim; Rabetino, Rodrigo; Bigdeli, Ali Z. (Springer, 01.06.2018)
      This chapter sheds light on the different business models of manufacturing companies that have servitized their business operations. This chapter presents four distinctive yet simultaneously pursued business models for ...
    • Business-friendly contracting : how simplification and visualization can help bring it to practice 

      Haapio, Helena; Barton, Thomas D.; Jacob, Kai; Schindler, Dierk; Strathausen, Roger (Springer, Cham, 03.11.2016)
      One thesis of this book is that the legal function within businesses will shift from a paradigm of security to one of opportunity. This chapter embraces that likelihood in the context of business contracting, where voices ...
    • Cancer Modeling-on-a-Chip with Future Artificial Intelligence Integration 

      Fetah, Kirsten Lee; DiPardo, Benjamin J.; Kongadzem, Eve-Mary; Tomlinson, James S.; Elzagheid, Adam; Elmusrati, Mohammed; Khademhosseini, Ali; Ashammakhi, Nureddin (Wiley, 13.11.2019)
      Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, despite the large efforts to improve the understanding of cancer biology and development of treatments. The attempts to improve cancer treatment are limited by the ...
    • Career Success in Different Countries : Reflections on the 5C Project 

      Briscoe, Jon; Dickmann, Michael; Hall, Tim; Parry, Emma; Mayrhofer, Wolfgang; Smale, Adam; Dickmann, Michael; Suutari, Vesa; Wurtz, Olivier (Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, 26.05.2018)
    • Careers in context : an international study of career goals as mesostructure between societies' career-related human potential and proactive career behaviour 

      Andresen, Maike; Apospori, Eleni; Gunz, Hugh; Suzanne, Pamela Agata; Taniguchi, Mami; Lysova, Evgenia I.; Adeleye, Ifedapo; Babalola, Olusegun; Bagdadli, Silvia; Bakuwa, Rhoda; Bogićević Milikić, Biljana; Bosak, Janine; Briscoe, Jon P.; Cha, Jong‐Seok; Chudzikowski, Katharina; Cotton, Richard; Dello Russo, Silvia; Dickmann, Michael; Dries, Nicky; Dysvik, Anders; Eggenhofer‐Rehart, Petra; Fei, Zhangfeng; Ferencikova, Sonia; Gianecchini, Martina; Gubler, Martin; Hackett, Denisa; Hall, Douglas T.; Jepsen, Denise; Çakmak‐Otluoğlu, Kadriye Övgü; Kaše, Robert; Khapova, Svetlana; Kim, Najung; Lazarova, Mila; Lehmann, Philip; Madero, Sergio; Mandel, Debbie; Mayrhofer, Wolfgang; Mishra, Sushanta Kumar; Naito, Chikae; Nikodijevic, Ana D.; Parry, Emma; Reichel, Astrid; Rozo Posada, Paula Liliana; Saher, Noreen; Saxena, Richa; Schleicher, Nanni; Shen, Yan; Schramm, Florian; Smale, Adam; Unite, Julie; Verbruggen, Marijke; Zikic, Jelena (Wiley, 12.11.2019)
      Careers exist in a societal context that offers both constraints and opportunities for career actors. Whereas most studies focus on proximal individual and/or organisational‐level variables, we provide insights into how ...
    • Careers of highly educated self-initiated expatriates : observations from studies among Finnish business professionals 

      Brewster, Chris; Mäkelä, Liisa; Suutari, Vesa; Habti, Driss; Elo, Maria (Springer, Cham, 18.09.2018)
      This chapter reviews existing literature about the careers of self-initiated expatriates and analyzes the different studies carried out among university level educated Finnish business professionals. A series of studies ...
    • Changing patterns in the process of digital transformation initiative in established firms : the case of an energy sector company 

      Dang, Duong; Vartiainen, Tero (Association for Information Systems (AIS), 03.06.2020)
      Rapid digitalization and technological change are disrupting traditionally successful business models. This motivates firms to adopt new strategies based on digital technologies; such new strategies are often referred to ...
    • Choice overload and asymmetric regret 

      Buturak, Gökhan; Evren, Özgür (Wiley, 22.09.2017)
      We propose a model of “choice overload,” which refers to a stronger tendency to select the default option in larger choice problems. Our main finding is a behavioral characterization of an asymmetric regret representation ...