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    • Cyberattack patterns in blockchain-based communication networks for distributed renewable energy systems : A study on big datasets 

      Faheem, Muhammad; Al-Khasawneh, Mahmoud Ahmad; Khan, Arfat Ahmad; Madni, Syed Hamid Hussain (Elsevier, 29.02.2024)
      Blockchain-based reliable, resilient, and secure communication for Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) is essential in Smart Grid (SG). The Solana blockchain, due to its high stability, scalability, and throughput, along ...
    • D2PAM : Epileptic seizures prediction using adversarial deep dual patch attention mechanism 

      Khan, Arfat Ahmad; Madendran, Rakesh Kumar; Thirunavukkarasu, Usharani; Faheem, Muhammad (The Institution of Engineering and Technology, 29.07.2023)
      Epilepsy is considered as a serious brain disorder in which patients frequently experience seizures. The seizures are defined as the unexpected electrical changes in brain neural activity, which leads to unconsciousness. ...
    • DC-DFFN: Densely Connected Deep Feature Fusion Network With Sign Agnostic Learning for Implicit Shape Representation 

      Basher, Abol; Boutellier, Jani (IEEE, 11.05.2023)
      Reconstructing 3D surfaces from raw point cloud data is still a challenging and complex problem in computer vision and graphics. Recently emerged neural implicit representations model 3D surfaces implicitly in arbitrary ...
    • Decidable Variable-Rate Dataflow for Heterogeneous Signal Processing Systems 

      Ma, Yujunrong; Wu, Jiahao; Bhattacharyya, Shuvra S.; Boutellier, Jani (IEEE, 14.05.2020)
      Dynamic dataflow models of computation have become widely used through their adoption to popular programming frameworks such as TensorFlow and GNU Radio. Although dynamic dataflow models offer more programming freedom, they ...
    • Deep Pipeline Architecture for Fast Fractal Color Image Compression Utilizing Inter-Color Correlation 

      Saad, Abdul-Malik H. Y.; Abdullah, Mohd Zaid; Alduais, Nayef Abdulwahab Mohammed; Abdul-Qawy, Antar Shaddad Hamed; Nasser, Abdullah B.; Ghanem, Waheed Ali H. M.; Sa’d, Adnan Haider Yusef (IEEE, 10.10.2022)
      Fractal compression technique is a well-known technique that encodes an image by mapping the image into itself and this requires performing a massive and repetitive search. Thus, the encoding time is too long, which is the ...
    • Defining green innovation, its impact, and cycle – a literature analysis 

      Cisneros Chavira, Pablo; Shamsuzzoha, Ahm; Kuusniemi, Heidi; Jovanovski, Bojan (Elsevier, 15.11.2023)
      Organizations all over the globe are starting to address environmental-related matters with special emphasis. Several authors believe that for organizations to improve their corporate performance and remain competitive ...
    • Design considerations of navigation satellite constellation for low Earth orbit 

      Praks, Jaan; Saleem, Zainab; Mayank; Çelikbilek, Kaan; Prol, Fabricio; Sharma, Shikha; Kuusniemi, Heidi; Ferranti, Luca; Lohan, Elena Simona; Pinell, Christina; Kaasalainen, Sanna; Bhuiyan, M. Zahidul H. (IEEE, 03.10.2023)
      In this study we provide an overview of feasibility assessment of Low Earth Orbit Position, Timing and Navigation (LEO-PNT) satellite system. We discuss several aspects of such a design, such as signal design, accuracy ...
    • Develop a Cyber Physical Security Platform for Supporting Security Countermeasure for Digital Energy System 

      Mekkanen, Mike; Vartiainen, Tero; Dang, Duong; Juuso, Esko; Lie, Bernt; Dahlquist, Erik; Ruuska, Jari (Scandinavian Simulation SocietyLinköping University Electronic Press, 31.03.2022)
      The paper develops a cyber physical system (CPS) security platform for supporting security countermeasures for digital energy systems based on real-time simulators. The CPS platform provides functions that trainers or ...
    • Digital predistortion for 5G small cell : GPU implementation and RF measurements 

      Pascual Campo, Pablo; Lampu, Vesa; Meirhaeghe, Alexandre; Boutellier, Jani; Anttila, Lauri; Valkama, Mikko (Springer, 21.12.2019)
      In this paper, we present a high data rate implementation of a digital predistortion (DPD) algorithm on a modern mobile multicore CPU containing an on-chip GPU. The proposed implementation is capable of running in real-time, ...
    • Digital Strategy in Information Systems : A Literature Review and an Educational Solution Based on Problem-Based Learning 

      Dang, Duong; Vartiainen, Tero (ISCAP, Information Systems and Computing Academic Professionals, 2022)
      In recent years, there has been a considerable amount of information systems (IS) research on digital strategy. However, it is not clear how digital strategy is taught in higher education. To investigate this issue, we ...
    • Digital strategy patterns in information systems research 

      Dang, Duong; Vartiainen, Tero; Xu, Dongming; Jiang, James; Kim, Hee-Woong (Association for Information Systems, 2019)
      Organizations use digital strategy to take advantages of their existing strengths and capabilities. Digital strategy has a wide range of scope and operate in a highly dynamic context in which the organization operates. ...
    • Dual-3DM3-AD : Mixed Transformer based Semantic Segmentation and Triplet Pre-processing for Early Multi-Class Alzheimer’s Diagnosis 

      Khan, Arfat Ahmad; Mahendran, Rakesh Kumar; Perumal, Kumar; Faheem, Muhammad (IEEE, 23.01.2024)
      Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is a widespread, chronic, irreversible, and degenerative condition, and its early detection during the prodromal stage is of utmost importance. Typically, AD studies rely on single data modalities, ...
    • Emerging Wireless Technologies for Reliable Indoor Navigation in Industrial Environments 

      Elsanhoury, Mahmoud; Siemuri, Akpojoto; Nieminen, Jyri; Välisuo, Petri; Koljonen, Janne; Kuusniemi, Heidi; Elmusrati, Mohammed (Institute of Navigation, 09 / 2023)
      Reliable positioning systems are key drivers for location-based services in smart logistics and internet of things (IoT) applications amid the era of Industry 4.0. They are the foundation blocks upon which navigation ...
    • Ensemble learning based defect detection of laser sintering 

      Xin, Junyi; Faheem, Muhammad; Umer, Qasim; Tausif, Muhammad; Ashraf, M. Waqar (The Institution of Engineering and TechnologyJohn Wiley & Sons, 30.10.2023)
      In rapid development, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) creates prototypes by processing industrial materials, for example, polymers. Such materials are usually in powder form and fused by a laser beam. The manufacturing ...
    • Errors and Complications in SQL Query Formulation 

      Taipalus, Toni; Siponen, Mikko; Vartiainen, Tero (Association for Computing Machinery, 08 / 2018)
      SQL is taught in almost all university level database courses, yet SQL has received relatively little attention in educational research. In this study, we present a database management system independent categorization of ...
    • Evaluation of Machine Learning Models for Smart Grid Parameters: Performance Analysis of ARIMA and Bi-LSTM 

      Chen, Yuanhua; Bhutta, Muhammad Shoaib; Abubakar, Muhammad; Xiao, Dingtian; Almasoudi, Fahad M.; Naeem, Hamad; Faheem, Muhammad (MDPI, 25.05.2023)
      The integration of renewable energy resources into smart grids has become increasingly important to address the challenges of managing and forecasting energy production in the fourth energy revolution. To this end, artificial ...
    • Exploration of Ideas for Sustaining Digital Innovation Management : A Case Study in the Ostrobothnia Region of Finland 

      Dang, Duong; Mäkipää, Juho-Pekka; Mäenpää, Teemu; Pasanen, Tomi A. (Association for Information Systems, 11.07.2022)
      Disruption of technologies, climate changes and epidemic crises have significantly affected individuals, organizations, and society. These phenomena force organizations to extend and innovate their business models to adapt ...
    • Factors Affecting the Accessibility of IT Artifacts : A Systematic Review 

      Mäkipää, Juho-Pekka; Norrgård, Johanna; Vartiainen, Tero (Association for Information Systems, 08.09.2022)
      Accessibility awareness and development have improved in the past two decades, but many users still encounter accessibility barriers when using information technology (IT) artifacts (e.g., user interfaces and websites). ...
    • Factors affecting the sustainability of telecentres in developing countries 

      Thai, Do Manh; Dang, Duong; Falch, Morten; Xuan, Chung Bui; Thu, Tran Thi Anh (Elsevier, 01.04.2022)
      Due to rapid technological changes, governments in developing countries have paid special attention to sustainability. However, understanding insights into the sustainability of telecentres remains an open question. This ...
    • Factors Influencing the Adoption of Industrial IoT for the Manufacturing and Production SMEs in Developing Countries 

      Shah, Sajid; Madni, Syed Hamid Hussain; Hashim, Siti Zaitoon Bt. Mohd; Ali, Javed; Faheem, Muhammad (The Institution of Engineering and TechnologyJohn Wiley & Sons Ltd, 16.01.2024)
      Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are steadily moving in the direction of implementing digital and smart technologies, including the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for improving their products and services. The ...