"administration (systems of a society)" - Selaus asiasanan mukaanVäitöskirjat

    • Public sector leadership meta-skills 

      Tammeaid, Marika (Vaasan yliopisto, 16.05.2023)
      This dissertation suggests looking at governance and public sector leadership from an unaccustomed public sector leadership meta-skills perspective. It suggests that this change of perspective can be useful in the preparation ...
    • Responsible Public Management : Communicative Assessment of Administrative Doctrines 

      Autioniemi, Jari (Vaasan yliopisto, 25.11.2021)
      This thesis assesses forms of responsibility through the theory of communicative action by Jürgen Habermas. In the study, the administrative doctrines are represented by bureaucratic theory, New Public Management (NPM) and ...
    • The Affordances of the Digital Medium : Users’ perceptions of digitalization 

      Niemi, Tomi (Vaasan yliopisto, 15.08.2023)
      The aim of this administrative research is to identify the opportunities and obstacles associated with the exploitation of digitalization and digital services. The objective of the study is viewed from a user perspective, ...